Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jairo's Baptism Day!!



What a blessing it is to be in the service of the Lord! it truly is something i would never give away. As you all know i am fighting health problems some very strong right now. But its a curse and a blessing! i feel as though its super early in my life to be having these problems but its a blessing to be able to draw closer to the Lord through this time. It is helping me to learn to use the Atonement as a very well needed tool that it is. I have felt the hand of the Lord in the work and somedays pushing me a long so that i can just walk down the street. I am not saying this as a pitty trip or for you guys to be worried. i am saying it as a testimony of God mercy and love. he has given us trials so that we can be made stronger through Him and His Son Jesus Christ. what a wonderful blessing it is to know that Christ suffered all for us!!!! and to be in His work is a million times better!! Exodous 15:26

Well y'all back to the work here! Well all is going great actually better than great in the work! we had the baptism of Jairo on Saturday that was so beautiful!!!! the spirit was super strong! he really has been preparing for this gospel for a long time!!! i sent some pictures of that! it was a day full of service we were in the chapel cleaning and emptying the font for 5 house then having to fill it back up that took 5 hours as well cause its an old building it was a lot but fun! i really enjoy the people here!!!

well one thing i have really learned this week to to completely trust int eh confidence and counsel of your leaders even though you don't agree with somethings they do. you sustained them when they were called and when you get your temple recommend and they are only there to help you progress for salvation and exaltation. i have learned a lot from my mission president this week through counsel and his love and i am so grateful to heave the leaders i do!!!
remember that we are all called to fulfill the Lord purpose and plan whatever it may be individually for each of us!
I am so grateful for all your love and support and i am so grateful to be called to serve!!!!
Alma 17:10-11
Love y'all!!
Hna Bigelow