Thursday, January 15, 2015

Crazy Bus.... need this say anymore!!

Mexico and the Book of Mormon... her Loves!!!

Looking especially beautiful in Relief Society!!


Well today as I arose and was getting ready fast i was thinking to myself about how happy i am and i was thinking well everyone is making goals to be happy because they are not eating to get skinny and in the real life they are NOT happy they just keep complaining that they are not as skinny as they want to be.. then the thought occurred to me... I AM GOING TO BE RESURRECTED TO BE IN PERFECT FORM.... so why don't i be happy and EAT!!! bahaha no not that i am not going to do that but i really just had to laugh about it!!!!
OK now to be serious... well no tanto porque tampoco soy tan serio! well this past Monday we had a really cool family home evening with a family that has a few problems but we started from the basics and taught them the God Head and that was beautiful the spirit was so strong and we talked about growing in our relationship with God! On Tuesday we got Heat exhaustion.... that's what happens when you live in the coast of Mexico you die of heat!!! so we got home that night not feeling too good! but woke up on Wednesday doing just fine. Wednesday we had a really good lesson with a new inves. named Lidia she seems really good she is catholic and very involved at first she was very defensive but towards the end of the lesson of the plan of salvation she softened up and wants to know a lot more! i love that the spirit can speak to anyone that we testify too!!!! the Lord knows exactly how to help his children grow! and as well as Thursday we had a lesson with a new inves names Aurora she literally is amazing i am stoked to teach her more and see her progress!!! Friday we were doing service in the morning with an inves in their fruit store and a crazy woman which happens to be the owner of the place she rents kicked her out in that moment cause she wants to move back there for family problems so we helped move her store!! that was really fun and on Saturday we went and delivered collected clothes and toys to families that really need help that's so rewarding!!! and yesterday we had an awesome lesson with the youth leaders and we read Alma 47 and how satan tries to temp us to come down the mountain like Amalakiah!
Family i am so GRATEFUL to be here on the mission!!! its been the biggest blessing for me! i am so GRATEFUL for the Savior and His atonement and the gift we have to become like Him and our Father in Heaven! may we have celestial thoughts to reach our celestial home...D&C 78:5-7
Scripture...alma 47:10-14 &17-18!
Hermanito Bigelow! Estoy feliz al ver que toda vía te recuerdas de mi!! jiji todo esta bien aquí en la costa pero tengo cambios en 3 semanas y estoy triste por eso no quiero salir!!! toma tiempo a decir todo lo que puede en agradecimiento todo los dias a Dios!!! te amo MUCHISIMO! Te extraño!!!!!
Love y'all!!!
Hna Bigelow

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Program!!

Traveling to do the program again!!





Drinking a Coke!!


Hey fam,
Happy new year! how crazy it is to have a new year come and another one go!!! i think i said that last week but seriously!!! hey well this week with all the parties and such was a slow one a lot of drunk people all over the town just like hunter said!!! but we had a few visits with members that are just a blast!!!
On Monday we were taken out to eat by members and my comp got really sick so on Tuesday we spent the whole day in the house i was studying! then on Wednesday it was dead literally NO ONE in the street we visited a member that is just a lone all the time and she shared with us some stories that were a little off the rocker!!!! poor soul! as well as Thursday we didn't have great success just a slow week in teaching but on Friday and Saturday we got to spend half the day serving in a local store it was a blast having the opportunity to do so! and Sunday we had a great day!!! we have 2 young girls that are super into the teachings and want to be baptized but  i received a wonderful blessing that really testified to me of the power of the priesthood and how much the Lord loves and knows me!!! it was incredible and i know that the priesthood is really the power of God here on earth to help His children come unto Him and receive the eternal life! i am so grateful for the Lord and the opportunity that we have to have our weaknesses become strengths  its been a blessing for me to understand that and see that change and growth in my life! family well i love you tons and i cant wait to hear from all of you!!!! this scripture is one of my favorites!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Moroni 8:3 (The book of mormon)
 3 I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he,through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end.


Well family another fast week has come and gone and its crazy to think that this Thursday is 2015 as i have been reflecting this year that i have spent in the service of the Lord. It literally has been the best year and i have learned so much! there has been so many trials and so many amazing times! The short time i have left is to focus completely on the Lord and what he needs of me! to be a better example, to help as many as i can to be closer to Jesus Christ and to bring them to the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. how beautiful the gospel is!
Well this week was a blast° we had our dinner with president and we talked about traditions... not ones that we have done in the past but that we can do with our future families... not gunna lie it was weird to be talking of the future like that but it was good to see the ideas and see what it is that the Hermana Madsen did with her family before and have her bring it to us!!! i once again was asked to sing a solo and therefore i sang a solo that night and we also went to go sing in the city center which was the funnest thing ever!!! there we contacted people and helped them realize the true meaning of Christmas!!! what a blessing that is!!!

we then on Christmas woke up early read luke 2 and matteo 1&2 and shared traditions and memories from the best Christmases with the other sisters that stayed the night with us! then we went and talked with our wonderful family! how FUN!!! my little babies are growing up so fast!!well we ended Christmas with service bringing Christmas to a family that is sooo humble but SO amazing! then the rest of the week we just did a lot of service for people since it is a really hard time of year to be here in the coast of Oaxaca.. especially in Hualtulco the huge tourist place!!! but we had fun painting a house and helping people out!
Yesterday i had the opportunity to speak in church! i was given 5 minutes to talk and i about freaked out! why? who knows... i teach these people every week in their house!!!  weird! but i ended up talking 20 minutes about the Atonement the center of all we do! and about Moses and the fiery serpent! in numbers 21 and alma 33:19-20. it went well ill say! haha i really do love that story!
Well we have an inves named Adela that is really progressing very well!!! she has a baptism date for moms birthday! we shall see how that goes i am excited for her!!!!
Hermanito! TE AMO! puedo decirte gracias por tu vídeo!!! estuvo asombroso a verte allí en el vídeo! y yo fui a copiar tu idea y por navidad fui a comprarse nuevo lentes! jiji recuerda a siempre ser obediente! obediencia es tu mejor amigo! jaja espero que recibiste mi vídeo también!! y sabes que?? en dia de madre voy a verte! whoo hoo!!! bueno! te amo! ADIOS!
Well family never stop sharing the thing that brings the most joy to your lives... The Gospel! I am so grateful for this gospel and i KNOW that this church is true i am so grateful for the truth of eternal families! i am grateful for a Savior that loves me and knows me! I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father knows me better than i ever do! and that even though i for YEARS fought the fact of going on a mission that He tenderly helped me through the YEARS that i fought to guide me in way that would lead me here to Oaxaca Mexico!
Family and Friends i love y'all more than you know! thank you so much for the support you've given me!!!!
hasta la proxima semana! (until next week)
Hna Bigelow
Letter from Autumn's Mission President and his wife!
Dear Parents of our Missionaries,
We have now been here in Oaxaca almost six months and we wanted to write and tell
you all how much we enjoy serving with your missionary sons and daughters. Of course, at first
everything was new to us and we had so much to learn to get accustomed to our new
surroundings here in Oaxaca. I’m sure it was also a little different for our missionaries to get
accustomed to a new Mission President and wife but they have all been so wonderful and have
welcomed us and helped us to learn the day‐to‐day proceedings of the mission.
We are so grateful to be here in Oaxaca, having this opportunity to serve as missionaries
with your sons and daughters. They are amazing and we are so grateful for their wonderful
missionary efforts.
The members here in Oaxaca are kind and helpful and take care of the missionaries as
they serve throughout the different mission areas. The state of Oaxaca is beautiful and we
have lots of work to do as we seek out those who the Lord has prepared to receive the
wonderful gospel message.
This is a land of joy and miracles as we strive to build the church here. Thank you so
much for your sacrifice and for the support that you give your missionary sons and daughters.
Be sure to continue to write weekly as they need to hear from you. The mission life is not
always easy but being engaged in this great work and giving daily service to the Lord is a happy
and rewarding feeling for them.
This is a wonderful time of year as we reflect on the humble birth and life of our Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ. We recently completed presenting our Christmas program of messages
and songs to the members of each stake and district and to their non‐member friends
throughout the mission. The theme of this program was “Wise Men Seek Him Still”. What a
thrill for us to hear the missionaries bear testimony through song of their love for the Gospel
and their Savior Jesus Christ.
This week we will begin visiting with each zone to have Christmas dinner and a Family
Home Evening with them. We are excited to be with them during this special season.
Again, we thank you for all that you do. We wish you and your family a joyous holiday
season as we commemorate the birth and life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His
atoning sacrifice and love for us. May we seek to live as He lived and love one another as He
loves us.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
President and Sister Madsen
Mexico, Oaxaca Mission

As i am sure you all have written on the front of your forehead and you have it on your mind all the day long!!! haha just kidding! we have some fun plans all this week for my birthday and the branch president and his wife are making me breakfast on Friday I'm excited! i just love them!!!! .... but not important haha
Well this week we finished a transfer and started a new one!!! its CRAZY this transfer will be full of fun!!! my birthday, Christmas, new years, moms birthday, ill complete 11 months and ONE YEAR in the mission i can NOT believe it!!!! its going by way too fast!!!!
Well this week we had a great one! we ended the transfer really good and we are expecting a few baptisms in January! we have been really just focused on getting our branch stable and full of welcoming love so that the converts can have a chance in this gospel!!! its been such a great experience to be here i have learned so much here about working with leaders and members to help with the work!!! i definitely now know how i want to be when i am just a member!!!
Well yesterday we had the SCARIEST experience of my mission on our way to church!!! we were walking to church and we were on the same road as the church but its kinda abandoned and i felt weird and all i could say was CHINE CHINE CHINE walk super fast hermana and a group of like 10 to 15 drugged men came out and started yelling very very horrible things at me and like made a half circle around us and we were almost running and a guy came and walked with us screaming at me and they were yelling just take her just take her i was almost crying my head off!!! but i just said no go away please don't touch me and all i could do is pray i had no idea what happened or why but all of the sudden they just stopped and we ran as fast as we could to the church. I know that the Lord protects us when we are obedient and doing His will... it doesn't mean that things such as trials wont come into our lives but it means He will guide us, protect us and help us!!!
I learned a lot from that experience and although it was scary i know my Father was with me!!!!
Family i love you tons and thank you soooo much for all you do for me!!!!
have an awesome week!!!!
Matthew 2:1-13!!! Be the three wise men!!
Hna Bigelow