Monday, December 8, 2014

Zone trip for P-Day!!!

Hermana Bigelow and Hermana Tirado (her greenie)

Star Fish!!

Huatluco Zone (autumns on the A)

Do you want to build a SAND man???

Hey Y'all! I didn't remember how tiring going to the beach was!!! and i didn't even swim!!!! We had a blast today! we took a tour of the bays here in Hualtuco as a zone!!! its definitely a BEAUTIFUL place to be!!! there ain't no doubt that i will be coming back here! i honestly have grown to love this little state of Oaxaca but most importantly the people and My Savior!
Yesterday we gave the gospel prin. class and we taught about the Savior and His life and that we are all here serving a mission because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we have all felt the Atonement in our lives and that's why we are here as missionaries! it was such a good class it really reaffirmed my testimony of the Lord and His sacrifice for me and the Love He has for me and that is why i am here! i am here because i fear no man i am here because i am a disciple of Christ and as one i need to do as He commands and walk in His shoes i am here because I know my Savior loves me and His children here! He has called me to be His representative here in Oaxaca because He trusts in me to help His children! i love this gospel it is the joy i feel in my life and i wouldn't ever ask for anything more. i know this church is true and the the Book Of Mormon is the word of God that has the fullness of the gospel! i am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ i am thankful for a loving Family that i have here on this earth that lead and guide me in the paths of righteousness!
thank you all for everything!!!!
Have an awesome week!!!
Hna Bigelow

Mexican Pizza :)

December birthdays!!

Love that smile... miss that smile!!

Preparing for the program!

Huatluco with President and Hermana Madsen

Her comp might think she is crazy... she would be right :)

a little McD's!!

Temple Trip!! 

So pretty inside and out!!

Thanksgiving in Mexico!

The program!

Sing it sister!!

I would have loved to have been there!!

Apparently it was a ball!!

Autumn and her sweet sisters!!



Hey... who can believe that its December??? I CANT I'm like a roasted oven turkey down here in the dirty south of Mexico! even though we had the Christmas program and people have lights out i do not feel like its Christmas i feel really weird!!!
Well this week was really cool! we have been blessed in so many ways!!!! We all day Thursday and Friday were in the chapel practicing and preparing for the Christmas program and we had interviews and everything all that good stuff!!!
Well the program was super spiritual apart from the fact that i sang a few of my words in English! it que... we had a song its called Gethsemane and its in English and the Hna Madsen told us we cant sing in English so on Friday in 2 hours i had to get help so that we could translate the song! at first i thought how easy but NO!! you have to find words that rhyme and then find ones that work with the rhythm its hard!!! but we got it worked out!!!
Well family here is a video that has the message of what this Christmas is all about!

I really don't have too much time!!! but just remember when we are in the service of other the Love of god is always with us and remember that we are to give the gift to our Savior this season through prayers, reading the scriptures partaking of the sacrament worthily and working to follow him!
I'm sorry its super short!
But i love you all and will write next week!!!!
Hna Bigelow

 ´´no matter what im gunna love you´´

well the title of this email are lyrics to one of my favorite songs right now that talks about Christ and its up beat i feel as tho my comp is so tired of the song cause its English and i play it all the time! i just tell her i will keep playing it til she learns the words in English hehe i am a great mom don't judge me!!! ;) 
Well this week was a great one and we had a lot of experiences bonitas! one is that this week we found a hermana that's been investigating the church for the past 2 years! she has never accepted a baptism date because she is afraid that if she is baptized again God wont accept her we taught her about the priesthood and that we are here for a reason to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized  by this power and authority and she understood it ... it just clicked and she will be baptized January 3! what an amazing experience! also yesterday we went with a member that has a problem drinking coffee! we taught her the word of wisdom in a weird way with only using an example of a car and she totally understood it as well ... I've realized the Lord is working lots of little miracles in the lives of many and i am SO grateful for the opportunity to be a witness of them all! 
The temple trip was a blast! it was weird to miss a whole days worth of work but it was a blessing to be able to go to the temple with Jairo and experience that with him! we were able to go through 2 sessions and go to eat we had a blast we then put my flashdrive in the bus and had fun singing the church songs in English and Spanish a bus full of member from my branch and then we got stopped by government police wanting to haul me off to jail!!! we are not a loud to carry our passports with us just copies of our passports and visas and he was upset that i didn't have the real ones then he started yelling at me asking why i was there and who i was with and an hermana told him that if he made me get off the bus that all the mormons on the bus were getting off with me and he threw the papers at me and left! WHOO HOOO!!! she saved my life! not really it was just a fun experience!
Well family its time for me to go! and just know i am so grateful for all of you and your love for me! i am grateful for the testimony that i have that i know my savior lives and because of that we can gain eternal life! i am grateful for a loving father that day after day shows his love for me and has given me this opportunity to serve in his vineyard and help his children here in Oaxaca understand the plan of salvation that is one of hope love and faith!! i am grateful for the living Prophet who leads and guides us today! i am grateful for the examples in my life and especially from my little brother down there in the dirty south of Columbia! Gracias Hermanito por tu amor! por tu ejemplo! échele ganas y recuerda que los enfermedades no hacen mas fuertes!! te amo!!! tenga buena semana!!!
I love you all!,
Hna bigelow

Christmas Program Practice!!

Love that laugh... I can almost here it!!!

Her area!!


Hey Y'all!! i hope it's all goin good up there in the united of STATES! oh and hunter down there in the hometown of my main girl Shakira!!!! Well its the start of a new transfer and i am DEFINITELY loving it!!! I have the cutest Little companion! Her name is Hermana Tirado ...(and for those of you that know spanish... yes like thrown away hahaha) she is 19 and from Sinaloa! she is the most innocent and i love to be with her! i can see the next 3 months being really great! I will be here in Hualtuco til 2 of Feb. whooo hooo! then from here who the heck knows where i will go!!! probably el itsmo! whoo hooo to finish my misión there! but who really knows i can not believe this week is ten months i feel like crying! i just have to put all my will to the Lords cause time is SHORT and it goes by TOO fast!
Well this week we had an AMAZING experience we went and contacted a reference that the branch pres and his wife gave us they are a couple she is 45 yrs old and he is 65. About a year ago he fell down the stairs and broke his skull but his skin didn't burst open all the blood caught up in his brain and he is paralyzed the whole left side of his body! but we had an AMAZING lesson with the both of them and they both are preparing to be baptized... during the lesson he told us about the time he went before to the Mexico temple to the visitors center and how he had felt there and the moment he saw us walk in he felt that same feeling and we explained it was the Holy Ghost and he said yes i know! we left him a chapter in the book of mormon to read with his wife they read it and both prayed and they both said they felt that feeling again and that its not just some random feeling they know that it is the holy ghost testifying that it is the truth! they are absolutely AMAZING! Hualtuco is full of people that are just ABSOLUTELY ready or just not quite! but its amazing the Lord definitely is blessing us as always!!!
Well this weekend my misión president blessed me and my comp with the opportunity to go to the temple! we will be going Saturday with our branch on bus all night long Friday to go and enjoy the temple and what makes it all the more better is that Jairo my recent convert will be going as well to do Baptisms! i am so EXCITED! it is going to be a BLAST!!!!!
Well family it is time for me to go! mom give the babies hugs and kisses from me  and tell them the Lord still needs me here another 8 months!
Hunter sigue Adelante! avezas los otro misioneros elegen al hacer lo mal o simplemente no cumplen con las regulas pero debes saber que es el camino mas fácil!!!  debes buscar el dioscuroso que se llama el cuarto misionero! es HERMOSISIMO!!! esta planchando me ahorita pero también es una ayuda MUY grande! es del año 2002 pero Hermoso!
Pues familia!!! LES AMO MUCHO!!!!
2 corinthians 9:6-7 MY FAVORITES!!!! GOD WANTS A CHEERFUL GIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Autumn's greenie :) She looks so sweet!!!!

Laughing with her area missionaries!

Huatluco Hermanas!


FAMILY!!!! i cant believe it! how FAST this transfer went by! and this next transfer is my birthday and Christmas... WEIRD!!!!! and we can talk! how sweet it that?? 
Well this week was a lot i feel like just a lot of different things happened... i learned a lot about the atonement this week that i will never forget. Really that it is something that needs to be applied everyday for us to really endure to the end and keep our baptism and temple covenants and that it can be applied for what ever you are feeling.
Family what a blessing it is to know of the gospel and have it in our lives. To know that God has a plan for us and wants our happiness that there is not one thing that happens without a reason. I watched the Saratov approach this week. and it taught me a HUGE lesson that no matter who we are what we have done and when we do it the Lord has a set plan and when we fall the spirit the Lord will not let that plan faulter.
We taught this week a new inves the plan of salvation. it was one of the most beautiful lessons i have had in my mission. the hermana was waiting and preparing to hear this message and accept it into her life to help her realize that she is a daughter of God that just LOVES her so much and we are the instruments in his hands that can help Him help her!!! 
I am so grateful to be a missionary to share this light and this message! family i love you so much. thank you for your love and support and know you are ALWAYS in my prayers!!!! thank you for everything and never forget that we are ALL children of the same father!!!
Hunter, te amo mi hermanito! recuerda al amar su compañero y servirle en todo. recuerda que el es tu mejor amigo en que el siempre esta con tigo en CADA momento! peor de tu futuro esposa jiji! hermano GRACIAS por tu animos y amor! vamos a hacer este viaje que me dijiste! ya todo bien! le extraño!
I love you guys thanks a ton!!!! thank you for the prayers and i will keep you updated on health cause for now we are at the same point as last week! 
Hna Bigelow
Romans 8:25 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jairo's Baptism Day!!



What a blessing it is to be in the service of the Lord! it truly is something i would never give away. As you all know i am fighting health problems some very strong right now. But its a curse and a blessing! i feel as though its super early in my life to be having these problems but its a blessing to be able to draw closer to the Lord through this time. It is helping me to learn to use the Atonement as a very well needed tool that it is. I have felt the hand of the Lord in the work and somedays pushing me a long so that i can just walk down the street. I am not saying this as a pitty trip or for you guys to be worried. i am saying it as a testimony of God mercy and love. he has given us trials so that we can be made stronger through Him and His Son Jesus Christ. what a wonderful blessing it is to know that Christ suffered all for us!!!! and to be in His work is a million times better!! Exodous 15:26

Well y'all back to the work here! Well all is going great actually better than great in the work! we had the baptism of Jairo on Saturday that was so beautiful!!!! the spirit was super strong! he really has been preparing for this gospel for a long time!!! i sent some pictures of that! it was a day full of service we were in the chapel cleaning and emptying the font for 5 house then having to fill it back up that took 5 hours as well cause its an old building it was a lot but fun! i really enjoy the people here!!!

well one thing i have really learned this week to to completely trust int eh confidence and counsel of your leaders even though you don't agree with somethings they do. you sustained them when they were called and when you get your temple recommend and they are only there to help you progress for salvation and exaltation. i have learned a lot from my mission president this week through counsel and his love and i am so grateful to heave the leaders i do!!!
remember that we are all called to fulfill the Lord purpose and plan whatever it may be individually for each of us!
I am so grateful for all your love and support and i am so grateful to be called to serve!!!!
Alma 17:10-11
Love y'all!!
Hna Bigelow

Monday, October 27, 2014

Her nine months out picture... it is a sister missionary thing!!

9 months down 9 to go!!


Jairo!!  His baptism is set for this Saturday!!!


Well i think i found out my purpose as a member and missionary yesterday as i reflected on the past few years and right now in the mission! yesterday we had a great start to our day!!! but it all started earlier in the week!!!!! we went to go visit a less active hermana... Hermana Eva earlier in the week and she told us she had fallen sunday morning and messed up her back. and she needed help on saturday to wash clothes so we said we would come to help her then and do the family home evening with her her husband and 3 sons that are 18, 20 and 22 they are rebel boys but its fun to teach them! and we planned it out just a fun night to relax and have fun as a family cause they dont get along at all. but we went had the family home evening and we shared about the family and the importance of working together and just having fun we made fried ice cream (i have an amazing recipe) and quesapizzas my comps idea. it was a little awkward at first then we got them all involved and it was a BLAST! we all loved it! then yesterday walking to church i kept thinking it would be a miracle if they came to church today... heck they have three years out of the church and we didn't even invite them to come they are not going to come! and when we got to the church we were waiting for investigators and i heard my comp scream ... i was like what the heck we are in the church SHHHHH!!! and i turned the corner and there they were!!!!! i think it was almost as great as seeing my parents again!!! haha not really but its kinda how i imagine it!!! it was AMAZING a feeling so beautiful that the Hna and her husband after 3 whole years were back in churcha dn the other members felt it too and were sooooooooooo excited to see them we all cried a little and just felt an overwhelming feeling oh peace and love!!!
I have come to see as i said to my parents a while back that i LOVE working with less active members and this started well before my mission and to see the effects of the work is amazing!!! gathering the lost sheep!!! haha it started like 3 years ago and its a passion! to be able to do it you have to first love the people as children of our Father in Heaven! its hard sometimes but its a feeling so beautiful! i have been so blessed to be here in the mission to be able to learn all that i have and can! definitely not a decision i will ever take for granted because things can change in an instant but for now we just show that love and help as much as we can!!!
Mi Hermano Elder Bigelow, como esta?? jaja si compañero femenina que te pasa! dígale a poner su chonis y póngase a trabajar! jaja no no lo hace! pero Hunter recuerda su llamamiento en cada momento y que usted es un representante de Jesucristo llamado a servir! gracias por su ejemplo y recuerda siempre que TE AMO!!!
my scripture this week is D&C 24:9 its an amazing scripture we are going to have the strength if we are focused on the Lord and his work not on the things temperal!
well yall i hope you have a good week and keep that smile on your face!!!!
thank you for the love faith and prayers!!!!!!
Hna Bigelow
seriously not the autumn i know!!

she ate it?!?!?!?

New friend!

Just like back home :)

Hermana's ... by heart!!

she burned her thumb... spilt bpoiling water on it.... YIKES!!!

Koolaid hair!!


(a special birthday wish to Makenli)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!! makenli this email is especially for you!!!! remember you are a sweet fun little girl to keep growing and share the love you have with others!!! makenli i wish i coul be there with you but i have surprises for you in 9 months>! and dont forget we are going to Disneyland!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! have a happy fun birthday and tell mommy to give you hugs and kisses all day long from me!!!!!!!! and mom do the hand i love you hug that we always did!!!!!!
love your sister,
Hna Bigelow

Hola family!
I hope you guys are doing just great! This week has been just a bit long for me! Haha seems as though the time passes by just as fast but the people just super slow haha it’s hard to explain! Well we had a pretty good week definitely a lot of experiences when the spirit was just super strong! We were able to survive this hurricane that is passing by just with a ton of wind and rains like a TON of rain kinda weird I am not used to the whole tropical storms rhythm but its fun!
Well this week we had a good time with getting things in order with our inves. And members and making plans. We definitely have a lot to work on here but we can see a lot of progress especially in one of our less active youths that we are teaching I don’t remember if I talked about her the last time but her name is Rubi… Rubi is 17 and married with a baby she lives with her in-laws and husband! She is like me in her way to express herself! Haha I love her! We have been working with her to get her to realize the things that she could accomplish here in the church if she really had the desire.  We have been meeting with her on a regular basis. But this week we took things in the way that she needed and we went a way that was just inspired we decided to open up the hymn book cause she LOVES to sing hymns and use the scripture from there… we opened up to abide with me tis even tide and read the scripture from Luke and instantly the room filled with the spirit we were able to share experiences and testimonies and in the first time in a year Rubi said she knew what she needed to do she knew what direction she needed to take! It will be a little for her to fully return and get through the temple but she definitely is progressing she is keeping her commitments and is going along little by little she is like a best friend and most importantly a daughter of God and he really has a lot in store for this young mom!!
Also yesterday we went to lunch and they made spaghetti pizza casserole mom I am not joking! I about died and went to heaven!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!! Then we talked about missionary work cause the couple that we were eating with are preparing for a mission and they also invited our inves Jairo and he also is preparing to serve. The experience was so beautiful to share scriptures talk about preparing and how amazing the work is! It was such a conforming loving felting even though I am halfway through my mission it still feels so good to feel the confirming spirit of the efforts and work you are doing.
Family this past 9 months has been hard, fun, sad, amazing, challenging but most importantly full of growth and the spirit! I have seen the spirit work through those I have served I have felt the love that God has for His children … every one of them and I have seen the Lord work miracles through me being an instrument in His hands. I have never felt so much joy in my life as I have these past 9 months helping and serving the people I have grown to love so dearly in such a short amount of time definitely have seen and felt a change in the knowledge that I have grown to receive the testimony that I have of this gospel and most importantly my Savior Jesus Christ! The love He has for us is INFINITE and the ways that He can help us are eternal. Remember your worth and that we all have mistakes but that’s why we are here to grow and learn and love! I am SO grateful for the time I have to dedicate to the Lord I still have some time left but time that is not mine and is all His. Thank you for all your love and support for the strength I receive through your testimonies each week when I come to email and the experiences that you share!
9 more months to keep giving it my all!  My scripture this week is Acts 18:11 ´´ y se detuvo allí un año y seis meses, enseñándoles la palabra de Dios.´´  sorry its in spanish! But hey you'll get it if you read it in english haha
Well it´s time to go! I love you all like crazy and I am sooo grateful for your support and love!!!! Have an amazing week!!!
Hna Bigelow

Autmns bed!  In her third area!!!

The bathroom... hey it looks better than her last two!!!


Oh how i love the HEAT!

haha words that are not true people!!! sorry!! i have to admit when i walked in the store today i didn't want to learn 1.. because it was soooo cold and 2... because there was a show in the tvs about Alaska and i about fell on the floor and DIED!!! i wished i was in that freezing ice storm that they showed but i had to walk away after about 3 seconds cause otherwise i would have been committing a transgression!!! haha
Well this week was very good like Hunter said in his email that it went by so fast he didn't even remember what all went on! and that's sorta how i am feeling at this moment in time! its been a good week just too fast i can hardly believe it the next Wednesday will be 9 months in the mission and then I'm just dying as everyone here says it makes me sad but more motivated to stay on task! because the last 9 months have gone by SO fast the next 9 will go by even faster!!!!
Well this week i have been able to work things out in figuring out the area and how to dress accordingly with the weather haha the blistering hot sun! and not gunna lie my tan lines are UGLY but i am definitely a LOT darker its hard to tell in photos but everyone is like goodness you are so dark!!!! i love it!
Ok now to the spiritual side of my life! which is like almost all of it right now!!! Well we have been focusing a lot with working with the members of the branch we have been having to help them see the good that missionary work is and getting the youth of age to go out with us and teach and get them excited for the mission! i LOVE that part of the work! I really wish i would have gone out with the sister before my mission (mom i know what you are thinking!!) but i will definitely go out with them after the mission... it'll be hard trying to teach in English but that wont stop me!!! The help from members in missionary work is SO important from just feeding us to going out with us and helping!! not going to lie every missionary has a family they go to to receive love and to feel comfortable with!!! BE THAT FAMILY!!!! love the missionaries, invite them to the house, feed them and most importantly pray for people everyday that they can teach!!!! remember how you feel or felt having missionaries out and how you want the members to treat your missionaries and do the same!!!! D&C 84:89-90:)
Well also this week we have been focusing a lot on new inves. and we met on Saturday a couple very young 20 and 19 with a baby! the husband is named Morrquin and the wife Angeles their baby is named Ramsis just adorable! they literally have been preparing for a long time waiting for their moment to receive the gospel! we had a very interesting lesson with them about God and his being and during the lesson the Hna said asked me if they could really be a forever family and we said yes and they made a goal then to get there! it was really good i really look forward to go with them again!!!
we have been having a lot of sick people in hospitals here in the branch so a lot of giving service and helping people out i LOVE it definitely one of my favorite things to do! which included cleaning the church and it reminded me of Flagstaff with the family always going to clean the church building and Kay Albrecht being there smelling up the whole chapel with her perfume and also the last time we cleaned the Palmer chapel with the Dyers, the missionaries and the Snegirev's and singing and dancing to frozen!!! not going to lie i really enjoyed it!!!
we had the primary program yesterday in the Branch and it was beautiful!!! i LOVE the little kids and their testimonies... the spirit of them is soooo strong and so innocent! its amazing!!!!
Elder Bigelow siegue adelante. no te desanimes cuando mal esta! me encanta este himno! recuerda a enfocar en la obra del Señor se ve muy bien. cuando tus compañeros no están con animo ORA.. ORA para ellos y va a ver la diferencia. tengo esa problema ahorita pero la único que puedes hacer es hablar con todos el no puedes decir que no entonces cuando sientes que las personas son listos HABLAS!!!!!! te amo hermano! guarda la fe!!! sea feliz! hasta la próximo semana!!!
well family i love you TONS and i am so glad you are moved into the new house i cant wait to live there!!! you are the best and remember you're always in my prayers!!!!
D&C 24:8 LOVE IT!!!!!
Hna Bigelow

Monday, October 6, 2014

In Hualtuco with Hermana Saez!!

and guess who else is in Hualtuco... Hermana Mamani!!!!