Monday, December 8, 2014


Hey Y'all!! i hope it's all goin good up there in the united of STATES! oh and hunter down there in the hometown of my main girl Shakira!!!! Well its the start of a new transfer and i am DEFINITELY loving it!!! I have the cutest Little companion! Her name is Hermana Tirado ...(and for those of you that know spanish... yes like thrown away hahaha) she is 19 and from Sinaloa! she is the most innocent and i love to be with her! i can see the next 3 months being really great! I will be here in Hualtuco til 2 of Feb. whooo hooo! then from here who the heck knows where i will go!!! probably el itsmo! whoo hooo to finish my misión there! but who really knows i can not believe this week is ten months i feel like crying! i just have to put all my will to the Lords cause time is SHORT and it goes by TOO fast!
Well this week we had an AMAZING experience we went and contacted a reference that the branch pres and his wife gave us they are a couple she is 45 yrs old and he is 65. About a year ago he fell down the stairs and broke his skull but his skin didn't burst open all the blood caught up in his brain and he is paralyzed the whole left side of his body! but we had an AMAZING lesson with the both of them and they both are preparing to be baptized... during the lesson he told us about the time he went before to the Mexico temple to the visitors center and how he had felt there and the moment he saw us walk in he felt that same feeling and we explained it was the Holy Ghost and he said yes i know! we left him a chapter in the book of mormon to read with his wife they read it and both prayed and they both said they felt that feeling again and that its not just some random feeling they know that it is the holy ghost testifying that it is the truth! they are absolutely AMAZING! Hualtuco is full of people that are just ABSOLUTELY ready or just not quite! but its amazing the Lord definitely is blessing us as always!!!
Well this weekend my misión president blessed me and my comp with the opportunity to go to the temple! we will be going Saturday with our branch on bus all night long Friday to go and enjoy the temple and what makes it all the more better is that Jairo my recent convert will be going as well to do Baptisms! i am so EXCITED! it is going to be a BLAST!!!!!
Well family it is time for me to go! mom give the babies hugs and kisses from me  and tell them the Lord still needs me here another 8 months!
Hunter sigue Adelante! avezas los otro misioneros elegen al hacer lo mal o simplemente no cumplen con las regulas pero debes saber que es el camino mas fácil!!!  debes buscar el dioscuroso que se llama el cuarto misionero! es HERMOSISIMO!!! esta planchando me ahorita pero también es una ayuda MUY grande! es del año 2002 pero Hermoso!
Pues familia!!! LES AMO MUCHO!!!!
2 corinthians 9:6-7 MY FAVORITES!!!! GOD WANTS A CHEERFUL GIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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