Saturday, June 28, 2014

Her "Alaskan" bear!
Goodbye President and Hermana Leyva

June 23, 2014

Well this week first off HUNTER HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss you boy and I'm so happy and proud of you!! you're the best!!!!  i cant believe you will be leaving on your mission in just a little over a month! that is ridiculously CRAZY!!!!
well this week has been incredibly hard let me tell you!! but lets just say that we have been seeing miracles in the people we are teaching despite the hardships! one story of this week that is completely a miracle! we on Saturday were walking basically running cause we were late for our lunch appointments and we heard...(ill translate in english haha) ¨SISTERS!!!¨and we were like what??? and this lady said you are missionaries right??¨umm yeah and she asked us if there was family home evening in the chapel in the evening and we said no and she said well i talked to the bishop and he said that there is a baptism today and i want to go because I want to see what is like cause i just really want to be baptized! and i was like hmmm have i seen you before are you one of our inves. well i was thinking this! but we asked for her name and nope I've never seen here or taught her and she said well i just moved here yesterday from puerto and I've only met with the missionaries twice but I'm ready! well it turns out she went to the baptism with us and she just lost her husband this past week she is only 27 years old and has a 8 yr old son! they are looking for peace in their life and she moved here to be with her family but she assisted the services yesterday and feels the peace she needs! i cant wait for our appointment with her tomorrow!!! her name is Belen! also this weekend we have a baptism of our inves Javier and no joke he is Heath Flake but Mexican hahahaha and angie with heath ... i don't know i cant see it but we´ll see!!!!
Oh we said goodbye to president Leyva this week and let me tell you that was so hard and i haven't even had him that long just 5 months but dang it was hard we all hugged him and sister leyva... don't worry they got permission and they were all crying!! he said when i get home to call him and he will come to Alaska to go bear hunting haha like that will really happen but I'm excited to go bear hunting with or without him hahahha
Mommy and daddy i got your package and thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the shoes i love them and they are soooo much better! very much needed!!!!
I love you guys soooooo much! and you're always in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!
Yopur mexicana alaskan!
Hermana BIgelow

Monday, June 16, 2014

Oaxaca Temple Hermana Bigelow and Hermana Flores!! Father's Day photo!!

Where is Autumn???
This one might be easier.... she is near the back!!!

Zone Conference 6/2014 with Hermana Mamani!

Zone Conference 6/2014

Zone Conference 6/2014 Working Hard :)

Zone Conference 6/2014 Healthy Eating!


ahhh HAPPY FATHERS DAY ALL YOU FATHERS IN MY LIFE ESPECIALLY MY FATHER!!!!!!!!!!! Daddy you are the best ever and i am so glad you had a GREAT fathers day! don't worry i ate some AMAZING mole for you here and got sick but it was SOO worth it!!! haha here they don't really do anything for fathers day but for mothers day the whole town shuts down but don't worry dad you are just as important to me!!!!!!!!
Well this week was good! a little low on money but great haha well its starts with Tuesday i was talking with some members at lunch and they we asking about Alaska and the sun light and the night time and i told the truth unlike every other Alaskan in the world hahaha but the brother said "WOW!! you guys are going to be prepared for the signs of the second coming!" bahahhahhahahhaha i never laughed so hard in my life and he was COMPLETELY serious hahahhahahahahahhahahahhahaha
then we went to the temple it was an amazing experience of just plain peace. i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the temple and the covenants we make there!  but then Thursday was not so great i got a really bad cold and cough and couldn't breathe ... but i am better now and we had major problems with an elder my comp and our mission leader just things were said hurtful and then i lost my badge!!! tell me about worst feeling in all the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even kidding!!! but right now i am using the badge of my comp with a sticker over her name with mine til i receive my new one.... Friday and Saturday were ok days we had a lot of success with lessons and inves and we are preparing an inves for baptism on the 28th! and its all going great! but i did get my packages from grandma and from mom with the brown shoes! thank you so much!!!!!!
I love this work and i LOVE the Lord.
This morning in personal study i was reading about Jesus Christ and how He is the light in our lives! and its sooo true i LOVE the word LIGHT! When we come to know Christ its so true that His light will shine within us and that others will want to partake in His light!! 3 Nephi 15:9
Well i love y'all more than Swedish fish!!!!!
Your Mexicana Alaskana,
Hermana Bigelow

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Her daily planner :)


June 9, 2014
Well holy cow I feel like this week went on FOREVER!!! It went OK. we have been having a hard time cause all the people want the other Hermana back so that is really hard to try and teach when they are only interested in the other person and what they are doing and where they are at.... its hard but i am trying!!! we were kinda super bummed Saturday and Sunday morning cause the rain is so hard, the people are so hard, my comp is super sick and we just aren't have success and we went to church on Sunday and the temple president talked in sacrament and Sunday school and let me tell you it was an answer to prayers for the both of us! He talked about the temple and prayer and how the Lord doesn't take away our problems he only helps us and give us the strength when we ask specifically and he talked about how the temple is the only place where we can receive all the blessings from God and receive the revelation we need! I can't relay the power of his message or the spirit that was felt but it true was amazing and he said that he had something COMPLETELY different planned to talk about but felt that we needed this message... God truly answers prayers... he talked about 6 steps to prayer...
1)plan your prayer
2)analyze what you are going to say (be specific on what and how)
3)meditate specifically in the order of your prayer
4)Converse with the Lord he wants to talk with us
5) Questions "questions are the door to revelation
6)LISTEN D&C8:2-3, D&C9:8, intro to D&C, D&C11:2
I have never prayed like this before but I cant wait to start to do so!!! I love prayer it really is our strength and power when we cant no more or when we need help or just want to talk its truly amazing! I never really prayed personally or anything before my mission but now its the only thing I ever do its so amazing I love it! well time is short but I love y'all!! have a great week!!!!!!
Hermana Bigelow your MEXICAN ALASKAN!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yagul girls! Goodbyes!!

first area goodbyes!

More goodbyes :(

Hermana Mamani!!!

New companion Hermana Flores

rainy days!!

New house bedroom!!

Two Stories!!

Yet still no kitchen!

Autumn's Desk!!!!!!! I just love her.... She is so cute and so is her stuff :)

June 2, 2014
baha! yeah let me tell y'all that this área is COMPLETELY different! its HUGE and i really just feel lost all the time haha! but i have had some AMAZING experiences in this area already this week! My district is the best and the members are AMAZING!!!!!
One of the set of elders in my district had a baptism this week! It was so different than the baptisms i had had in Tlacolula by far! the support of the ward was incredible! i can not tell you how strong the spirit was and how amazingly it changed the hearts of the inves. in attendance! the baptism was of a 18 yr old youth and they youth had just returned from youth conference so they were all filled with the spirit! and the youth well 5 young men and one young woman prepared a song and sang it.... it was BEAUTIFUL needless to say all of us missionaries were bawling haha it was beautiful! and Sunday was amazing we have such a GREAT ward its a HUGE change but i love it so much!! i miss Tlacolula like nothing else but this area is a huge change!!!!
No i did not go to the Nacho chapel because we had to go to the doctor this morning for my comp but I've seen like all the places here in town where the movie took place and I'm in love i quote it like crazy! my comp has never seen the movie its kinda sad! I'm educating her hehe
Well let me tell yáll I'm becoming mexican haha i LOVE mayonesa with EVERYTHING I'm not even JOKING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! its so gross that i love it so but its the truth!!!!
oh Saturday we had an activity in Oaxaca with all the missionaries in the city so i got to see my HERMANA MAMANI my best friend haha it was soooo goood!!!!!! we had tons of fun learning how to clean the bathroom and cook food and sew and what exercises we can do! but let me tell you I'm sore out the YING YANG i do abs every morning nothing with my legs because i walk all day but holy cow i need to work on them hahahhahaha
}I CANT BELIEVE IT SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!! im sooo happy I'm in tears for you and Marlo. this is such a huge step for y'all and i cant wait to see your pictures in the temple in a years!!!! you are incredible!!! i love you guys TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well the work is amazing the church is TRUE and i love you all like NONE other!!!!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow
P.S. the scripture of the week is Helaman 3:27-29!!
May 26th, 2014
Y'all will never believe it!!! i got transferred........ I am in the place that they filmed NACHO LIBRE .... ETLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am with a new companion her name is Hermana Flores! she is from Dorango here in Mexico! i am kinda stoked she seems like a very hard worker and is SO fun....!!! but let me tell y'all something i never felt so empty hearted as i did when i left my area haha i love the families there i made a promise to return in 15 months and i sure as heck am keeping it! i cant leave my first area haha i seriously was trying to visit all the families i could this morning and i was bawling they are my family they all said we are your parents but just a different color you need to come visit when you finish your mission hehe.
Well this week kinda went by way too fast! we had service like every morning at 9 with a different family and after that just work work work! i am not going to lie i miss hermana mamani like crazy she is a hard shell but she and i were like best friends definitely have a goal of visiting her in Bolivia haha i may have to work all my life like a dog for all this money but its all good!
we had a really good week with lots of success but in particular with one family Brizia and her husband we have them both on date for baptism and they are getting married the day before and GUESS WHAT... they cant get married in Tlacolula so they are getting married HERE in my new area! I ma so stoked ill be here for their wedding then their baptism no but when they get sealed in the temple ya I WILL BE HERE i am so happy for them it was truly amazing!!!!
I am super stoked for all the changes very nervous but sooo stoked! we have a lot of work to do and we are more than happy to do it!!!!
remember that y'all are ALWAYS in my prayers and in my heart!!!! REMEMBER i am there in spirit this weekend with Scott i am so excited for him i cant believe it!!!!!!
my scripture this week is Isaiah 49:15-16 & 1 nephi 21:15-16 its the same but truly AMAZING and profound its my all time favorite scripture right now!!!
I love y'all DEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow