Thursday, June 5, 2014

May 26th, 2014
Y'all will never believe it!!! i got transferred........ I am in the place that they filmed NACHO LIBRE .... ETLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am with a new companion her name is Hermana Flores! she is from Dorango here in Mexico! i am kinda stoked she seems like a very hard worker and is SO fun....!!! but let me tell y'all something i never felt so empty hearted as i did when i left my area haha i love the families there i made a promise to return in 15 months and i sure as heck am keeping it! i cant leave my first area haha i seriously was trying to visit all the families i could this morning and i was bawling they are my family they all said we are your parents but just a different color you need to come visit when you finish your mission hehe.
Well this week kinda went by way too fast! we had service like every morning at 9 with a different family and after that just work work work! i am not going to lie i miss hermana mamani like crazy she is a hard shell but she and i were like best friends definitely have a goal of visiting her in Bolivia haha i may have to work all my life like a dog for all this money but its all good!
we had a really good week with lots of success but in particular with one family Brizia and her husband we have them both on date for baptism and they are getting married the day before and GUESS WHAT... they cant get married in Tlacolula so they are getting married HERE in my new area! I ma so stoked ill be here for their wedding then their baptism no but when they get sealed in the temple ya I WILL BE HERE i am so happy for them it was truly amazing!!!!
I am super stoked for all the changes very nervous but sooo stoked! we have a lot of work to do and we are more than happy to do it!!!!
remember that y'all are ALWAYS in my prayers and in my heart!!!! REMEMBER i am there in spirit this weekend with Scott i am so excited for him i cant believe it!!!!!!
my scripture this week is Isaiah 49:15-16 & 1 nephi 21:15-16 its the same but truly AMAZING and profound its my all time favorite scripture right now!!!
I love y'all DEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow

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