Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Glamour Shots at the Nacho Church!!!

Riding in the back of the ward mission leaders truck... is that legal??


Hey y'all! i just want to testify to you that our Savior lives! and He loves us SO much! He is always waiting with His arms stretched out wide for us! we after having a really hard transfer and changing things up in our work ways and in our prayers we finally had a ton of success this week and the Lord truly manifest His love for us and His people here! this week on Tuesday starting out we had amazing things happen! not going to lie! we saw the hand of the Lord in every step we took! He blessed our inves with the progress they have needed. He lead us to the chosen people here and most importantly He has opened the hearts and testified through the spirit that this gospel is true!!!!!
one experience we had this week that at first freaked me out is we were teaching an inves. for the second time but from the moment we met her i don't know it was weird i knew i had to meet her husband! i asked her somethings about him but she seemed distant! when we were there Tuesday i said to hna martinez i really want him to be here today and we got there and not even 10 minutes later her husband walked in but he was a huge tall wide tattooed man at "first i was afraid... i was pertrified!" but he just stormed in the house and didn't even say hi or anything i was like dang and i wanted to meet him??? then he walked back through when we finished the lesson and stunk of smoke he finally said hi and asked us what we were talking about and we said we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ and he said "jesucristo......jesucristo....jesucristo!!" and he started to open up to us and share his testimony of Christ and the love he has for him and really i was afraid at first but it was crazy the spirit filled the room soooooooooo strong and we were able to teach him and we have an appointment with them tomorrow to see how they are and they have some very hard problems in their lives but they are really a beautiful family that will progress sooooo much!!! ill keep you updated on them!
well we had some amazing contacts this week and we only had 2 people tell us no that they didn't want to hear all week and we did more contacts than i ever had my whole mission!!! the Lord really works in strange and BEAUTIFUL ways!!!!
this week was ward conference and on Saturday we as missionaries had to sing and the man from the quorum of the 70s used me as an example of a missionary that is always happy and shows it:) haha crazy man!!!! no it was a good thing that someone noticed!
this morning as sister missionaries we all got together and watched the Emma Smith movie.... I've never seen something so beautiful it was really amazing i cant wait to get home and watch it again!!!
well y'all today is 8 months in the mission field and i cant believe how fast time is flying and how much i have grown and learn but i def have so much more!
I love you guys all sooo much and i can not wait to hear from y'all!!!
Keep the missionaries fed and Loved!!!!
3 nephi 5:13
Love you all!
Hna Bigelow
ps jammed in the back of mission leaders truck and with his son elih and then at the nacho chapel taking glamour shots haha
pss my knees are the same and i am having back probs but DO NOT worry! all is well and mom the new facebook page is the same title as the one pres leyva had but at the end it says "y gozos" which means and joyess haha

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hey family! I hope all is going well there!!! i am so sad to hear about brother Carter please send them my love!!!
Well this week has definitely been interesting! we have been hearing some really weird things that have been going on and just really have been relying on the spirit to guide us in our path. We started out just really trying to change somethings so that we could see different results in the work and it really seemed to help with somethings and how our inves are seeing the gospel we are starting to feel like the people are starting to really understand the importance of the gospel!!
Well one of our strange happenings this week on Saturday morning early we went and visited Belen and we talked with her and found a back path that leads to the neighborhood where we live. We ended up crossing a flipping river just to find a huge horny field ahead and then a man came out of no where at the top of the hill to help us just and when we got up i felt super weird about him and so did my comp but he wanted to hear about the gospel so we gave him a 30 sec run down and said we could teach him in his home with his family and he said no. then we starting walking away and he said "can i tell you something? i smell drugs" and then he proceeded to accuse us of doing drugs! it was really ridiculous!!! but that's about it on experiences this week!
I am definitely learning a lot from the Lord... we had another week like last just super hard especially yesterday at church....
Oh! i got a blessing this week that really has changed me as a missionary. honestly it was super short and simple but soooo profound!
i am lost on what to do about health beside just keep praying cause it continues the same! haha but all is well!
Today and tomorrow is festivities for Mexico independence day and we have a weird schedule but its been a good day! i got all my stuff packed in case i have changes in two weeks haha i have been here 4 and a half months so i kinda had a lot of stuff around the house!! we went to the nacho chapel!
Family i love you all! and just know that i know without a doubt that God hears and answers prayers! As His literal spirit children He wants to help and bless us in all things as long as we are obedient. I know this church is true and that through the book of mormon and this gospel we can receive and share the light and love we have through it!
my scripture this week is D&C 25:13-15 remember your covenants and be happy only you can choose that!!!
have an amazing week!!!
Hna Bigelow

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Well y'all another week has past and gone! definitely been a rough transfer if i do say so myself!! But i am learning so many things from the Lord its crazy! its been a transfer of just relying on the Lord in all my actions and learning exactly how the spirit works with me! I have learned to love the people here like i never have thought i would! its amazing but hard at the same time! some i just want to jump into that font and be baptized and other i just want them to realize if they would just come back to church they would be so much more happy and the Lord would bless them to see the light through their trials. I've never had such strong desires to help people its definitely one blessing from the Lord! i feel like all my life i have always tried to find ways i can help people no matter what they are doing and the mission is helping me learn more of this talent... weird to be talking about myself haha
But this week was definitely the hardest I've had here in the mish! but the Lord is teaching me and my comp humility its a blessing but one of the hardest things ever! but with the Lords strength we are overcoming the trials!
its definitely a lovely life to be here in the mission i wouldn't trade it for the world! but once again short on time!
I LOVE YOU ALL and thank you for all you do to help me! ps mom i got your package!!!!
scriptures alma 26:27 and alma 29:9
Hna Bigelow
Beautiful Oaxaca!!!

Beautiful Hermana's!!!!!!


well i didn't know what to title my email but hey! i love my family so lets just start with that!!!
well this week was a challenge!!! whooo hooo for the Lord helping us to be stronger!! definitely a blessing in disguise!!! we have been having a ton of success with finding people and teaching tons of new people and them reading a praying but them coming to church.... ya not so much:( that is a huge HUGE problem and we prayed and such and we are seriously just learning humility right now its been hard!!!
Well this week we had an AMAZING experience we went on Monday to go watch the restoration video with them cause i bought it hehe and we went to go watch it and they didn't have a remote to change the language but jose he said don't worry its ok! we will watch the pictures and you can explain what its saying so we said ok and just prayed sooooo hard the whole time! that they would understand.... then we waited and santa the woman said the whole time look a bird, a deer, how beautiful then when jospeh saw God and Christ she flipped out and was like oh my!! then after wards she was just bawling and the spirit was so strong we all cried sooo beautiful! then we also taught a sober drunk homeless man int eh street and got criticized but once again the spirit was soooo strong! ill update later got to go!!!
the scripture is.... ether 12:27
Hna Bigelow