Thursday, September 11, 2014


well i didn't know what to title my email but hey! i love my family so lets just start with that!!!
well this week was a challenge!!! whooo hooo for the Lord helping us to be stronger!! definitely a blessing in disguise!!! we have been having a ton of success with finding people and teaching tons of new people and them reading a praying but them coming to church.... ya not so much:( that is a huge HUGE problem and we prayed and such and we are seriously just learning humility right now its been hard!!!
Well this week we had an AMAZING experience we went on Monday to go watch the restoration video with them cause i bought it hehe and we went to go watch it and they didn't have a remote to change the language but jose he said don't worry its ok! we will watch the pictures and you can explain what its saying so we said ok and just prayed sooooo hard the whole time! that they would understand.... then we waited and santa the woman said the whole time look a bird, a deer, how beautiful then when jospeh saw God and Christ she flipped out and was like oh my!! then after wards she was just bawling and the spirit was so strong we all cried sooo beautiful! then we also taught a sober drunk homeless man int eh street and got criticized but once again the spirit was soooo strong! ill update later got to go!!!
the scripture is.... ether 12:27
Hna Bigelow

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