Sunday, March 15, 2015

Being silly!!

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A little bit of home!!

She cut her hair!!
Hermana Martinez!!!!

Hermana's Martinez (old comp) Hermana Muse (new comp!)


FAMILY!!! I'm sorry i don't have so much time right now!! next week i hope but who knows its transfer day!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! who knows whats gunna happen there's gunna be a ton of changes here!!!!
This week we have had the most lessons this area has had in a long time and we felt the spirit that's the most important... i know you're going to be angry but i have to go!!! just know i love you tons ya have short hair now and i'll send pics later!!!!
Alma 26!!!
Also this week i learned that if your study doesn't help you feel the need to repent and try to be better than it wasn't sufficient!!!
I love you guys!!!!
Hna Bigelow

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

She found Hermana Mamani and a family they helped activate!!!

Goodbye Hermana Mamani... :(

... Alaska Mug??

Hermana Bigelow and Hermana Muse... her first gringo comp!!!


So this letter is going to be so short!
This week was great! i was really sick all week i don't know what happened i got a high fever but that didn't stop us haha we still went out to work.... i don't know if the fever was from my joints but i am in a REALLY hilly area so its a little hard.. but its just a two week stay! so that's great!!!! Actually, it´s super-super great. Well i was wondering for a morning why in the world i was here why couldn't i stay in my little piece of paradise and i was talking to my comp about it and we went out to work and i was in deep thought all morning walking but then all of the sudden i saw a familiar face... it was an inves. from Etla i don't know if y'all remember Jaqueline??? but she lives here and she wants to start taking the missionary lessons again!!! AHHHH!! i am so happy! and then i got to see a family from my first area and i was so happy they remembered me and all started crying it was the family of like the mom and her kids that are married with families that hna Mamani and i reactivated!!! i was soooo happy to see that they are still active and they are with callings and everything!!!
Also here in the area we have just been contacting like crazy cause the Hna Muse hasn't been able to work in 3 weeks cause of her comp was super sick but we have dates for baptism and we are putting another one tomorrow with a hermano that can be baptized this next 2 weeks thats exciting!!!!
there was a baptism here on Saturday of a little girl it was cute and it brought me memories of my own baptism that it was so cold and dad offered me his socks and i was so embarrassed that my aunt Chris helped me out of the font and to change and i had my hair in braids and my grandparents gave me my scriptures but most importantly i remember the spirit i felt and the love that God let me feel that day as i made my first covenant with Him! I am so grateful for the chance i have every week to renew that covenant along with the others I've made in the temple!!!
well family i love you guys soooooo much!!!!!

Alma 37:35-37
Hna Bigelow