Friday, June 26, 2015

Atzompa Ruins Trip!! 


Hey y'all!!!! how are you doing???? This week started out slow cause my comp was still a little sick but we ended up REALLY finding those that are ready and willing to have the gospel in their lives I will share with you an experience from Saturday we found a new family of three and we taught them in the afternoon put a date with them and challenged them to go to church and guess what they went and LOVED it and accepted a baptism date! sad to say i wont be here when they get baptized but i will be able to teach them the majority of what they need to know! i am so flipping excited to help them out! they are named oscar his wife milagro and their son jose louis. i am so happy for them! 
Also today is 17 MONTHS!!!!!!!! i am so happy and we had a sister activity that we went to some ruins here close to my area called Atzompa it was a blast but it was super tiring we hiked soooooooooo flipping much and i got sooo burnt i hope y'all can see the pictures on facebook my camera died it was so depressing! but it was gorgeous there! 
I love you guys so much i am so grateful for this gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ! i love you mucho!!!!!!!! have the best week ever!!!
Hermana Autumn Nichol Bigelow

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Saying good bye!!

Some of her favorite people in Tlacolula!!




Sorry family that i didn't write last week! the last few weeks are going to be busy and full of last minute activities and saying good bye to people! we have activities planned for all my pdays haha! sorry about last week we had the opportunity to go to ruins in Mitla really close to my first area and there we got a tour bought some cool things and then we came back really late and that's why i didn't write but don't worry y'all everything was perfect! 
These past two weeks we have been working really really hard with 40 lessons a week and over 70 contacts it may not seem like a lot but i have never seen such miracles in my life and its all been amazing even people that reject us it doesn't even bother me anymore cause i know that we are doing all we can to help those around to have the gospel!!!! 
This week we ran into a guy that's like Stephen from Nacho Libre he only believes in science and i am not kidding the whole time we talked he laughed about us! it was ridiculous he was very rude but at the end we just bore our testimonies and let it go! i wish we could have cracked an eagle egg on his face but its all good haha 
Well we are preparing our inves. Heidi most importantly for her baptism on Independence Day! 4th of July that will be so cool we are SO excited! she is progressing so much!
Also Crispina and Genaro every time we are with them they talk about their sealing date in a year it will be so amazing to have that happen and we are so happy for them
I am so grateful for the Lord and his infinite atonement! Keep on Keepin on!!!!

Hna Bigelow

my message I got via a members facebook messenger because she missed emailing...

Mommy!!!!!! Yesterday we went to Mitla and we didn't have time to write. I'm sorry but only 6 more weeks and I'll be home! We can't write till next Monday!

Hola! Hermana Bigelow and Janfaza!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Zone Temple Trip!!

The Zone!!!

Service Project!!

Service Project!!

Traditional Oaxacan Men's Dance Hat


WOW!!! this week was absolutely AMAZING y'all! We had so many opportunities to serve His children here! We were able to teach the district meeting this week which was a weird thing to do but it was super fun and the spirit was so strong! then on Wednesday we went to the temple to help those that have passed on in need!!!! then Thursday we had an amazing day we were able to go do service at a donation place... there were a bunch of Americans that came to Oaxaca with the Hope Haven group to donate wheel chairs to kids and families in real need and we went to go translate because NO one knew Spanish! we were able to meet new people and see them realize that they are receiving blessings from the Lord in their lives through this kind act. It was AMAZING because every family that my team of workers and i worked with i felt that i had met them before it was AMAZING i know that i knew them before this life! it was the coolest thing i just hope to have the chance to do the same one day here soon! 
I am so grateful for the gospel and the chance i have to serve the Lord its been the best experience in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord really does LOVE His children and he wants them to progress and we can help them do that through our own faith and our own testimony! 
Thank y'all for all the love and support!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS MUCHO!!!