Tuesday, June 9, 2015


WOW!!! this week was absolutely AMAZING y'all! We had so many opportunities to serve His children here! We were able to teach the district meeting this week which was a weird thing to do but it was super fun and the spirit was so strong! then on Wednesday we went to the temple to help those that have passed on in need!!!! then Thursday we had an amazing day we were able to go do service at a donation place... there were a bunch of Americans that came to Oaxaca with the Hope Haven group to donate wheel chairs to kids and families in real need and we went to go translate because NO one knew Spanish! we were able to meet new people and see them realize that they are receiving blessings from the Lord in their lives through this kind act. It was AMAZING because every family that my team of workers and i worked with i felt that i had met them before it was AMAZING i know that i knew them before this life! it was the coolest thing i just hope to have the chance to do the same one day here soon! 
I am so grateful for the gospel and the chance i have to serve the Lord its been the best experience in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord really does LOVE His children and he wants them to progress and we can help them do that through our own faith and our own testimony! 
Thank y'all for all the love and support!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS MUCHO!!!


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  1. God bless and keep you, little Sister. We are so happy to see you smiling and happy and healthy in your wonderful work! Love from your Uncle Elder and Auntie SisterJoy