Friday, February 21, 2014

She may have got some snacks!!

Is that Mountain Dew!!

Sunday Selfie!

That is for me.... not you me!!

Her map picture!!

elder fishback mariahs cousin is on the very end by me i LOVE that kid then elder hickman he is an amazing missionary elder black is exactly like hunter and elder shirliff is the district leader haha elder hickman and elder black are the zone leaders weird!


You guys! Only ten more days in the MTC travel plans come out tomorrow!!!!!! I can not believe its already been 6 weeks! It seems so long but then again so short!!! I can not wait to get to Oaxaca.... like at first i was super nervous cause of spanish but Honestly i am so stoked i know some spanish to hold a conversation but i will never fully pick it up here i will get it down there!!!
so exciting experience! Elder Holland came on sunday night! But he did not speak to us! He just introduced his son! President of UVU Matthew Holland! He is an amazing speaker holy cow! But i love how humble Elder Holland is! he turned all the attention off of him and put it all on P.H.  he said 3 things about P.H. that i hope someday will be said of me
1) He puts his money where his temple convenants are!
2) Never seek to find the right person BE the right person
3) Everyday Elder Holand thinks about Pres. H. " I have NO greater joy than to know my child walks in truth!"
I truly thought that was so profound!! It speaks mounds to me! Anyways Pres. Hollands talked sobre jospeh smith! I have the first vision memorized all the discussions and i have always known joseph smith was a prophet cause without him i would not be here BUT it was not until sunday did i actually firmly know and now can say JOSEPH SMITH IS A PROPHET OF GOD! and i can NOT deny that! Joseph smiths life was soooo amazingly HARD its intense! i would suggest all yall read about him and his journey to becoming a prophet! If i be so bold i agree 100% with the fact that joseph smiths journey even starting at the tender age of 9 was one of the Longest Lonelyest times i would say it is VERY comparable to the Saviors path and it is something that only He himself could do for the rest of the world!!! as Pres. Holland talked the UVU choir sang some songs and at one point a man sang a solo of a poor wayfaring man of grief! the spirit was AMAZING i dont even know how to describe it! it was PROFOUND!!!!!!!! "It is beyond the arm of flesh to have doen as joseph did in translating the book of Mormon" and i totally believe that! that hit me hard he has to be prepared proven and worked on and fallen in order to keep doing as the lord needed its proven in D&C3 when martyn harris looses that plates!!! as being a missionary i realize that if dispear and heart break countered him it too will counter me!!!
It did so this week with ivette its been hard she told us she never wanted to see us again but i everytime tell her God knows her and he loves her cause i know that for a FACT i can feel it! and that we pray for her and that night she ran into a man that told her EXACTLY what she needed to hear and she totally said it and knows that it was because we are praying for her and because God loves her its AMAZING i love life!! i LOVE seeing her joy its the best feeling in the ENTIRE world!!!! I love this Gospel and I cant NOT wait to be in Oaxaca in 10 FLIPPING days!!!
I love you all and thank you soooo much for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Bigelow

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!

On the way to the temple!!

E. Salielie is from ANC and E. Thornly i grad w/ him! in my zone!

Surprise at the temple!!  Lucky Sherri :)

All the Sisters in her District!!

HOLY COW!!! you guys sound like busy bodies!!! My comp is the best supportive! we def get a long! best friends for life lol and my district yeah they are fun they are like family and we all fight like sibblings its fun! my spanish progression is slowing down but i am seeking more verbs out and congegating! when does kade start baseball??? Hunter you are so talented! I honestly miss listening to you play and sing! There is an elder in my zone that dresses acts and sings like you! I am making him sing to me right now! I love it!!! I am so proud of you developing your talents and using them as a miracle for others! I am so proud of you! i can not say that enough!!! and i can not believe that you are completely done with your papers im astonished!!! My guess for you is Argentina or England!! Hunter just remember Satan will have a target on you big time! Always be worthy of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost! remember we all make mistakes but that isnt the end we have the Savior to help us when we do! but everyday we work towards our best selves!!! I love you kid!!!! thank you for making right decisions and being an amazing example!!! I cant wait to see the videos i LOVE them!!! Holy cow little makenli i can  not believe that she is competiting!!! She will do sooooo well! i bet its so cute hehe it cracks me up that she is taking private lessons for heaven sakes she is only 5!! I miss that girl!!! I still can not believe dawson is going to be ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! TiME FLIES!!!!!!!!! its ridiculous! KADE OR JENI YOU BETTER NAME YOUR PIGGLET CHUNKERS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that legit i am excited for your pigs haha

Whooo hooo another package haha i have gotten a ton! its crazy yall dont have to send me so much!! mom thank you tons!!!!! no i havent gone to the BYU bookstore but we have a small little store here on west campus in like a mobil trailer we go to! bahaha mom you crack me up! have fun with all the old people at the high priest dinner!!!;);) I love you soooooooo much mom and dad you have no clue! I am sick today i feel as if i am going to throw up! everyone has been getting the flu and its no good!
Haha dad we forgot to celebrate but it was a great day wednesday! HUMP DAY! I love you tons dad!! get off the job so you can email me back!!!! I am working to be the missionary the Lord needs me to be!
So this week we started at TRC with a real inves. her name is Ivette. She is 22 and she was on date for baptism from other missionaries but she has some doubts and her family is mad about the decision and she called it off. we were the ones who heard this news first and it was hard. But as we talked and listened to her and we found out no one has taught her of Christ. she does not know who he is and what he did for us!!! she we were able to explain over two lessons who he is and the atonement and she REALLY understands it she is so visual and will describe things to us on such and indepth level of what she pictures God and Christ relationship to be and its perfect I love it!!! I honestly love her soooooo much! I will take pictures and send them next week! she is amazing and is soo ready God had been preparing her for this and i know that He LOVES her because he has guided and prompted Hermana Mitchell and i to the things of her heart and she is understanding things that we are prompted to say that i never thought i knew!!!
The Lords love is so real and i am sooooooooo grateful for that knowledge!!! He loves us and and has a plan for us alll! I need to better align my life with his will and i will be the missionary he needs me to be for the people of Oaxaca. That is my BIGGEST fear is not being enough for those people He has been preparing for me for so long! But everyday i am repenting and working harder!!! I am loving the Lord and his work!
Today i am going to do sealings for one sister in my zone last week we did all the endownments this week we are doing sealings! i can not wait!!! Its going to be amazing since ive never been to a sealing i do not know what to expect but i am stoked!!! If anyone has family names they need done.. i would love to have them!!!
I am SOOOO grateful for the oppurtunity to be here and learning and Growing. This is exactly where the Lord needs me now and every day is a HUGE testimony of that!!
Thank you guys for all the support and love!!!!
Hermana Bigelow

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sunday Rain!!

Hermana Bigelow, Sister Owens, and Sister Mayberry

Alaska Chicks!!

Amazing that they are together!!

Cutest Sisters!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

She found Tashah!!!

Week two MTC

Provo Temple!!

P-Day temple trip 2/6/14

Dearest Family,
Oh how dearly I love you all! thank you so much for the support and the letters! I love recieving them!! although the mail system seems to be so slow! lol i still truely enjoy it!! Dear elder is the real same day delivery mail for letters and if its sent by noon that night i will get it at dinner time that same day!!!
I feel as tho my theme for my stay here at them MTC and maybe even longer is La ExpiaciĆ³n... the atonement! That through anything... my sins, sorrows, heartaches and even joys my Savior is my all and He knows it. Jesus Christ came to this earth to not only set the perfect example but to BECOME my sins and was ressurected so that i would have some one to turn too and rely on when things are heard or sad or i just am totally lost. I think that I have experienced all those since ive been out but every time my Savior has pulled me back up!
For example Monday our teachers miscomminitcated and we didnt know but we had TRC training which is teaching a lesson in spanish to a real inves. and we had to have 2 twenty minute lessons ready in 30 minutes completely done in spanish! i was instantly feeling inadaquate, i had a hard time feeling that i was not living up to the missionary the Lord needs me to be and that i wasnt learning as i should. I went into the first lesson after prayer feeling ok. We taught of the Savior and the Atonement and instantly he got it he understood that without Christ we are nothing! Then we came out feeling a little better. Before my second lesson I prayed my heart out saying: "Lord I am trying my hardest. I am falling short... Lord please help me to be able to speak and convey the message you need sister applegate to hear tonight and let the spirit testify of truths to her." I went in there and i said a couple words. Hermana mitchell asked her why she was here and she said "because the light and Love of the Lord in your eyes." I instantly felt my Saviors love and my prayers were answered! I hve never felt so close to my Savior in my life. I was able to speak IN SPANISH the whole time conveying the lesson of the first vision. the spirit was amazingly strong and she felt it! As i bore my testimony at the end i knew my Heavenly Father and Savior KNOW and LOVE me. I know that heavently father does not want to abandon us even if we are feeling that He is .... he is giving us experiences to test our faith in the Lord. The atonement is NOT about being perfect its about Not giving up!!!
Oh how i LOVE my savior and the lessons he has taught me since i have been here!!! Mom since ive been here the scripture that says "where much is given much is required" it has been on my mind especially after our lessons we have with my teacher Hermano Frey. HE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! the spirit is so strong last night out lesson on the plan of salvation was ABSOLUTELY amazing!!!  Its hard to know where to start but i need to pray and ask my Father in Heaven how to make all the lessons ive learned apply and work into my life. I feel ive been given so mcuh out there and i NEED to act. after last nights discussion i am feeling jsut as i have been all this time is that i need to have the best relationship with my Savior and know of how i can BECOME him. Christ is my way back. He knows me personally. Christ knows my exact path to make it through all adversary and back to my Father in Heaven.and if i would only apply all that lesson and stay consistant throughout my life and pray and read my scriptures and obey my church leaders and Gods commands. My Savior will be there on that glorious judgement day with that relationship we built together pleading my case saying... "My God, she relied on me in faith aligning her life with your will and became me! She has done all she could do. Father I AM MAKING UP THE REST."
I can be the goddess Heavenly Father now sees in me. isnt that beautiful??? I am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be here!!! I am grateful for my knowledge of this gospel and i cant wait to share it with those in Oaxaca, Mexico!!! I sincerely love my Savior Jesus Christ. I am doing everything i can to Become Him!
Thank you for all your support and love!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!
Hermana Bigelow!