Friday, February 21, 2014


You guys! Only ten more days in the MTC travel plans come out tomorrow!!!!!! I can not believe its already been 6 weeks! It seems so long but then again so short!!! I can not wait to get to Oaxaca.... like at first i was super nervous cause of spanish but Honestly i am so stoked i know some spanish to hold a conversation but i will never fully pick it up here i will get it down there!!!
so exciting experience! Elder Holland came on sunday night! But he did not speak to us! He just introduced his son! President of UVU Matthew Holland! He is an amazing speaker holy cow! But i love how humble Elder Holland is! he turned all the attention off of him and put it all on P.H.  he said 3 things about P.H. that i hope someday will be said of me
1) He puts his money where his temple convenants are!
2) Never seek to find the right person BE the right person
3) Everyday Elder Holand thinks about Pres. H. " I have NO greater joy than to know my child walks in truth!"
I truly thought that was so profound!! It speaks mounds to me! Anyways Pres. Hollands talked sobre jospeh smith! I have the first vision memorized all the discussions and i have always known joseph smith was a prophet cause without him i would not be here BUT it was not until sunday did i actually firmly know and now can say JOSEPH SMITH IS A PROPHET OF GOD! and i can NOT deny that! Joseph smiths life was soooo amazingly HARD its intense! i would suggest all yall read about him and his journey to becoming a prophet! If i be so bold i agree 100% with the fact that joseph smiths journey even starting at the tender age of 9 was one of the Longest Lonelyest times i would say it is VERY comparable to the Saviors path and it is something that only He himself could do for the rest of the world!!! as Pres. Holland talked the UVU choir sang some songs and at one point a man sang a solo of a poor wayfaring man of grief! the spirit was AMAZING i dont even know how to describe it! it was PROFOUND!!!!!!!! "It is beyond the arm of flesh to have doen as joseph did in translating the book of Mormon" and i totally believe that! that hit me hard he has to be prepared proven and worked on and fallen in order to keep doing as the lord needed its proven in D&C3 when martyn harris looses that plates!!! as being a missionary i realize that if dispear and heart break countered him it too will counter me!!!
It did so this week with ivette its been hard she told us she never wanted to see us again but i everytime tell her God knows her and he loves her cause i know that for a FACT i can feel it! and that we pray for her and that night she ran into a man that told her EXACTLY what she needed to hear and she totally said it and knows that it was because we are praying for her and because God loves her its AMAZING i love life!! i LOVE seeing her joy its the best feeling in the ENTIRE world!!!! I love this Gospel and I cant NOT wait to be in Oaxaca in 10 FLIPPING days!!!
I love you all and thank you soooo much for your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!
Hermana Bigelow

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