Saturday, February 15, 2014

HOLY COW!!! you guys sound like busy bodies!!! My comp is the best supportive! we def get a long! best friends for life lol and my district yeah they are fun they are like family and we all fight like sibblings its fun! my spanish progression is slowing down but i am seeking more verbs out and congegating! when does kade start baseball??? Hunter you are so talented! I honestly miss listening to you play and sing! There is an elder in my zone that dresses acts and sings like you! I am making him sing to me right now! I love it!!! I am so proud of you developing your talents and using them as a miracle for others! I am so proud of you! i can not say that enough!!! and i can not believe that you are completely done with your papers im astonished!!! My guess for you is Argentina or England!! Hunter just remember Satan will have a target on you big time! Always be worthy of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost! remember we all make mistakes but that isnt the end we have the Savior to help us when we do! but everyday we work towards our best selves!!! I love you kid!!!! thank you for making right decisions and being an amazing example!!! I cant wait to see the videos i LOVE them!!! Holy cow little makenli i can  not believe that she is competiting!!! She will do sooooo well! i bet its so cute hehe it cracks me up that she is taking private lessons for heaven sakes she is only 5!! I miss that girl!!! I still can not believe dawson is going to be ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! TiME FLIES!!!!!!!!! its ridiculous! KADE OR JENI YOU BETTER NAME YOUR PIGGLET CHUNKERS FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that legit i am excited for your pigs haha

Whooo hooo another package haha i have gotten a ton! its crazy yall dont have to send me so much!! mom thank you tons!!!!! no i havent gone to the BYU bookstore but we have a small little store here on west campus in like a mobil trailer we go to! bahaha mom you crack me up! have fun with all the old people at the high priest dinner!!!;);) I love you soooooooo much mom and dad you have no clue! I am sick today i feel as if i am going to throw up! everyone has been getting the flu and its no good!
Haha dad we forgot to celebrate but it was a great day wednesday! HUMP DAY! I love you tons dad!! get off the job so you can email me back!!!! I am working to be the missionary the Lord needs me to be!
So this week we started at TRC with a real inves. her name is Ivette. She is 22 and she was on date for baptism from other missionaries but she has some doubts and her family is mad about the decision and she called it off. we were the ones who heard this news first and it was hard. But as we talked and listened to her and we found out no one has taught her of Christ. she does not know who he is and what he did for us!!! she we were able to explain over two lessons who he is and the atonement and she REALLY understands it she is so visual and will describe things to us on such and indepth level of what she pictures God and Christ relationship to be and its perfect I love it!!! I honestly love her soooooo much! I will take pictures and send them next week! she is amazing and is soo ready God had been preparing her for this and i know that He LOVES her because he has guided and prompted Hermana Mitchell and i to the things of her heart and she is understanding things that we are prompted to say that i never thought i knew!!!
The Lords love is so real and i am sooooooooo grateful for that knowledge!!! He loves us and and has a plan for us alll! I need to better align my life with his will and i will be the missionary he needs me to be for the people of Oaxaca. That is my BIGGEST fear is not being enough for those people He has been preparing for me for so long! But everyday i am repenting and working harder!!! I am loving the Lord and his work!
Today i am going to do sealings for one sister in my zone last week we did all the endownments this week we are doing sealings! i can not wait!!! Its going to be amazing since ive never been to a sealing i do not know what to expect but i am stoked!!! If anyone has family names they need done.. i would love to have them!!!
I am SOOOO grateful for the oppurtunity to be here and learning and Growing. This is exactly where the Lord needs me now and every day is a HUGE testimony of that!!
Thank you guys for all the support and love!!!!
Hermana Bigelow

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