Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My mother's day card from Autumn!!!!!

Curly hair!!

May 19, 2014

Well im sick again! lol this is probably the worst ive ever been sick in my life but i am feel somewhat better today!!! at least i dont have a fever!
well this week we have been seeing miracles in the change of peoples hearts here! We have 3 new inves. that before NEVER wanted to do anything with the church! The ward was surprised when they saw one in church and heard that 2 others are inves. its crazy that people can be so hard hearted but have the mentality to change it just goes to show that the Lord is preparing people in their time! like my mission! i NEVER wanted to serve but the Lord knew exactly how to prepare me in my own little ways to make sure that i knew that a mission was where i needed to be in this time and where i needed to e cause also i said i never wanted to go to Mexico haha oh man life cracks me up!!!!
Yesterday we kinda had a baptism... a little girl of 8 years old! shes super cute and kinda corny but thats ok by me! her family is less active.. i say kinda cause we didnt find out til friday that her dad was actually a member! so we cant really count her baptism as our baptism because her family is members but we taught her the whole time and it was great! she is a blast and her mother is completely CRAZY but i loved it!!! it was fun!!!!!
We have been having a hard time working with the members and inves together to get them to church but we have had REAL success with the less active members and getting them in church and in the chapel i love it because really their hearts know the truth and they want to do good! we just serve them and reteach the importance and they are back! i love the less active here they are my favorite people hehe!
ive been reading the book of mormon and i love Nephi! haha i keep rereading chapter 16 of 1 nephi when nephi breaks his bow! and how his family murmers and is all upset at him but with his faith he is doing all things lol i love verse 23 because nephi shows that he is preparing him self and doing all he can personally THEN he asks the Lord for help! i love this because we need to be doing all we can to be the people we need to be and show the Lord that we really want and need his help but we are doing the best that we can! we can relate this to so many things in this life!
Welp the time is up and im headed for the sun!!!
I love yall so much and i just love hearing from ya!!!!!!!
Your One and Only,
Hermana Bigelow
Talking to our Missionary!!!!!! What a GREAT day!!!!!!

May 12, 2014

Welp first off i want to say Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there hahaha!!! WHOOO HOOO its like im famous about to sing... but not really cause i cant sing!!! haha whooo i might be going crazy! well! this week we had a ton of work! we had past around a paper in all classes in sunday for people to give us references and go to the appointments with us! so needless to saw we had tons of lessons members and new inves.! it was a blast to be working hard! im dead serious when i say its definitely hotter hahaha im roastin!!!! but today there is NO sun and its gunna rain! it smells soooo good and the thunder is the best sound ever haha!!! i might be in my own Little Mexican Heaven!!! hahaha
Well yesterday was probably the best day ever!!! getting to talk with the family!!!!!!!! hunter played me a song hehe my parents are crazy and make me cry all the time and makenli thinks she´ll never see me again which breaks my heart!! but apparently we have plans to go to Disneyland when i get back.... haha i need money first!
Ive been having some really amazing spiritual experiences this week! one of which was a dream that i had.... a Little prefece.... I havent really remembered my dreams since the MTC and i pray every night that my grandpas might be my guardian angels...
so this past week i had a dream one that i can remember vividly my comp and i were walking downt he Street and the misión presidents wife Hna Leyva came up to me and said Hna Bigelow your grandma has been REALLY worried for you but i talked to her and told her you are fine and she sends her love. i was like um ok thank you haha and we kept walking! but we were walking and i saw an american and as we got closer i realized it was my grandpa Baker.... (this past week ive been really preoccupied with trying to be the best missionary i can be)... and i said what?? how can i see you??? you are dead!! and he said Baby Girl i know im dead.... and i said well how can i see you? why are you here? He said im here with all the other angels around you... i said what? He said i just want you to know you are the missionary the Lord needs you to be right now and ALWAYS remember that i am ALWAYS with you!.... he had no oxygen and was dressed how he normally dressed i couldnt believe  it.... i woke right up!
I am so grateful for the knowlege i have that my grandpas are ALWAYS with me and that i can one day be with them again!
like i told my family yesterday the days are hot my head at the end of the day is pounding my shoes are completely ruined and my legs hurt but i would NEVER trade these experiences for the world! i love this life here in Mexico and i LOVE my Heavenly Father!!!!!
Time to go!!!
Your One and Only,
Hermana Bigelow

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Esmerelda's Baptism!

Hair Cut!!!!! So Cute!!!!

Well like last week its only getting hotter and hotter but its raining almost everyday now around 2 or 3 until we go to bed! im loving it!!!:)

i did cut my hair off so i can finally breathe and not feel like im dying of a heat stroke everyday!!! dont worry yáll its cute:) i love it actually i cried the entire time she cut it all off but i love it now and its so much faster lol i also talked hna mamani into cutting her hair off into an A line hehe its adorable lol she actually looks her age now!!!

Well this week has been a week of my worst nightmares!!!! friday night when i was changing i accidently threw my jamma shirt in my laundry basket and i reached in to grab it and a scorpion fell into my other clothes and this one was NOT small it was huge! so we ran across to the mini super and got killing spary to kill it but it took almost half a large can! it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! needless to say i did not sleep once ounce!!!! Then last night my WORST WORST WORST nightmare came true! we were sleeping i was half asleep half dreaming and i hear pounding on the front door.... i jumped up and hna mamani was sleeping so i jumped on her bed and told her and there was still pounding! we have a metal door outside our wood one but we forgot to lock it but hna scream QUIEN??? and it ended up being a member hermana patty (i sent a photo of her at a party with us before) her daughter has diabetes really bad and is not doing well at all and is in the hospital needless to say another sleepless night! but i am glad we are always in the minds of our members.... and always there just for a prayer for help! i love being a missionary its the greatest thing i could ever be doing right now!!! i am in love with this land and these people! my Spanish is so much better. i am speaking without having to thing before hand what to say. by no means am i fluent but definitely BETTER and i am dreaming in Spanish finally haha its hard for me to think English words i think most firstly in Spanish then in English!!!

We had our baptism saturday! it was amazing! our little Esmeralda of 9 yrs old is setting the path for her family and her friends! her mom has a date for baptism may 24!!! and i cant wait this little girl is so humble and there definitely was a fiesta en las cielos en sabado!!! she is AMAZING!!!

I definitely feel the love for all my investigators and it just continues to grow everyday!!!!!

mom there were no photos of zone conference in facebook cause they werent there! it was just my zone!!! but it was good just a ton of practices!!! but i had 3 churros on my walk there and i sure was in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

i CAN NOT wait til sunday to skype yáll! it will be the best time ever!!!!!!!!!! i have been reading Revelations and studying it like crazy all the footnotes in english and spanish... cause the footnotes are different!!!!  but it is ALL about the temple! im so amazed and what things mean and what i can find out from this book it means so much that i never noticed before!

well yáll im lovin this work and im lovin my people ive excepted the fact that i am now mexican lol not true but im trying haha!!!

Your one and only

Hermana Bigelow

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hermana Bigelow and Hermana Mitchell

A happy birthday wish to Kade!!

3 MONTHS!!!!!!!

Poop water... that was the title Autumn gave ... Yikes!!


Jovani... apparently the new Michael Jackson!!

welp its like land of the HORRIBLE TANTING SUN here!!!!!!!!!! its getting hotter and hotter by the second i can hardly stand it!!!!my quote of ´´ id melt for you´´ is seriously true right now and apparently its not as hot as its going to get!!!! i might go crazy in this heat!!! hahaha well its official i've lost 20lbs and loving it hahahahahaha

pues.... this week went well we had Hna Mamanis birthday on tuesday i feel horrible i was insanely sick all that night throwing up and such... in the bathroom but i could hardly go in because there was a HUGE cockroach in the bathroom and we could NOT kill it!!!! so once i could pull myself some what together still barfing hermana mamani went into the bathroom with the broom screaming and trying to kill the cockroach and im histerically in the backround dying and clapping like a retard while singing ´´ HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´´ all of this happening at 3am we should have videoed it.. it was HILARIOUS lol i still cant belive it happened hahaha when we woke up in the morning i was dead...´´ happpppy biiiiiiiirthdayyyyyy hna mammmmani´´ lol we died laughing! well we also had multi zone conference with the presidency of the 70 it was really good!!!! he helped us have more enthusiams in this work here in oaxaca cause there have been some obviously hard times here but all is going amazing!!!

i dont have my papers of all the things of what i wanted to write to yall this week! but we put 5 people on date for baptism this week! we have atleast one baptism every saturday this month! im excited starting with Esmeralda on saturday! she is 9 years old and her family has been listening to the missionaries for 2 years what a LONG time!!! but her and her mom are ready for baptism... its sad the dad is no longer part of the family as of this week! its hard to believe but its better for the mom and the girls!!!

well i have been out 3 months whooop whoopppp hahahaha not much but still im happy!!! i was reading 2 nephi ch 4 this week and oh my gosh do i love how nephi rejoices in god and all his blessings! even tho he had tons of problems i mean his brothers tries to kill him many times but he says that he has every reason ever to rejoice in God and be happy and i was thinking that exact same thing. i need to rejoice in God and give thanks for all. i really believe that if i went home now id be a 100% different person than before and its because ive learned to ´´trust in God with all... my... heart and lean not in own understanding´´ im SO much happier all the time and i love it!!!! haha and so i connected this chapter with alma 26:35-36 because both are just so joices and blessed i love it!!!

welp im goin to play futbol with Norma!!!

Your One and Only,

Hermana Bigelow