Monday, May 5, 2014

welp its like land of the HORRIBLE TANTING SUN here!!!!!!!!!! its getting hotter and hotter by the second i can hardly stand it!!!!my quote of ´´ id melt for you´´ is seriously true right now and apparently its not as hot as its going to get!!!! i might go crazy in this heat!!! hahaha well its official i've lost 20lbs and loving it hahahahahaha

pues.... this week went well we had Hna Mamanis birthday on tuesday i feel horrible i was insanely sick all that night throwing up and such... in the bathroom but i could hardly go in because there was a HUGE cockroach in the bathroom and we could NOT kill it!!!! so once i could pull myself some what together still barfing hermana mamani went into the bathroom with the broom screaming and trying to kill the cockroach and im histerically in the backround dying and clapping like a retard while singing ´´ HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!´´ all of this happening at 3am we should have videoed it.. it was HILARIOUS lol i still cant belive it happened hahaha when we woke up in the morning i was dead...´´ happpppy biiiiiiiirthdayyyyyy hna mammmmani´´ lol we died laughing! well we also had multi zone conference with the presidency of the 70 it was really good!!!! he helped us have more enthusiams in this work here in oaxaca cause there have been some obviously hard times here but all is going amazing!!!

i dont have my papers of all the things of what i wanted to write to yall this week! but we put 5 people on date for baptism this week! we have atleast one baptism every saturday this month! im excited starting with Esmeralda on saturday! she is 9 years old and her family has been listening to the missionaries for 2 years what a LONG time!!! but her and her mom are ready for baptism... its sad the dad is no longer part of the family as of this week! its hard to believe but its better for the mom and the girls!!!

well i have been out 3 months whooop whoopppp hahahaha not much but still im happy!!! i was reading 2 nephi ch 4 this week and oh my gosh do i love how nephi rejoices in god and all his blessings! even tho he had tons of problems i mean his brothers tries to kill him many times but he says that he has every reason ever to rejoice in God and be happy and i was thinking that exact same thing. i need to rejoice in God and give thanks for all. i really believe that if i went home now id be a 100% different person than before and its because ive learned to ´´trust in God with all... my... heart and lean not in own understanding´´ im SO much happier all the time and i love it!!!! haha and so i connected this chapter with alma 26:35-36 because both are just so joices and blessed i love it!!!

welp im goin to play futbol with Norma!!!

Your One and Only,

Hermana Bigelow

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