Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Well like last week its only getting hotter and hotter but its raining almost everyday now around 2 or 3 until we go to bed! im loving it!!!:)

i did cut my hair off so i can finally breathe and not feel like im dying of a heat stroke everyday!!! dont worry yáll its cute:) i love it actually i cried the entire time she cut it all off but i love it now and its so much faster lol i also talked hna mamani into cutting her hair off into an A line hehe its adorable lol she actually looks her age now!!!

Well this week has been a week of my worst nightmares!!!! friday night when i was changing i accidently threw my jamma shirt in my laundry basket and i reached in to grab it and a scorpion fell into my other clothes and this one was NOT small it was huge! so we ran across to the mini super and got killing spary to kill it but it took almost half a large can! it was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! needless to say i did not sleep once ounce!!!! Then last night my WORST WORST WORST nightmare came true! we were sleeping i was half asleep half dreaming and i hear pounding on the front door.... i jumped up and hna mamani was sleeping so i jumped on her bed and told her and there was still pounding! we have a metal door outside our wood one but we forgot to lock it but hna scream QUIEN??? and it ended up being a member hermana patty (i sent a photo of her at a party with us before) her daughter has diabetes really bad and is not doing well at all and is in the hospital needless to say another sleepless night! but i am glad we are always in the minds of our members.... and always there just for a prayer for help! i love being a missionary its the greatest thing i could ever be doing right now!!! i am in love with this land and these people! my Spanish is so much better. i am speaking without having to thing before hand what to say. by no means am i fluent but definitely BETTER and i am dreaming in Spanish finally haha its hard for me to think English words i think most firstly in Spanish then in English!!!

We had our baptism saturday! it was amazing! our little Esmeralda of 9 yrs old is setting the path for her family and her friends! her mom has a date for baptism may 24!!! and i cant wait this little girl is so humble and there definitely was a fiesta en las cielos en sabado!!! she is AMAZING!!!

I definitely feel the love for all my investigators and it just continues to grow everyday!!!!!

mom there were no photos of zone conference in facebook cause they werent there! it was just my zone!!! but it was good just a ton of practices!!! but i had 3 churros on my walk there and i sure was in HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

i CAN NOT wait til sunday to skype yáll! it will be the best time ever!!!!!!!!!! i have been reading Revelations and studying it like crazy all the footnotes in english and spanish... cause the footnotes are different!!!!  but it is ALL about the temple! im so amazed and what things mean and what i can find out from this book it means so much that i never noticed before!

well yáll im lovin this work and im lovin my people ive excepted the fact that i am now mexican lol not true but im trying haha!!!

Your one and only

Hermana Bigelow

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