Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 12, 2014

Welp first off i want to say Happy Mothers day to all the mothers out there hahaha!!! WHOOO HOOO its like im famous about to sing... but not really cause i cant sing!!! haha whooo i might be going crazy! well! this week we had a ton of work! we had past around a paper in all classes in sunday for people to give us references and go to the appointments with us! so needless to saw we had tons of lessons members and new inves.! it was a blast to be working hard! im dead serious when i say its definitely hotter hahaha im roastin!!!! but today there is NO sun and its gunna rain! it smells soooo good and the thunder is the best sound ever haha!!! i might be in my own Little Mexican Heaven!!! hahaha
Well yesterday was probably the best day ever!!! getting to talk with the family!!!!!!!! hunter played me a song hehe my parents are crazy and make me cry all the time and makenli thinks she´ll never see me again which breaks my heart!! but apparently we have plans to go to Disneyland when i get back.... haha i need money first!
Ive been having some really amazing spiritual experiences this week! one of which was a dream that i had.... a Little prefece.... I havent really remembered my dreams since the MTC and i pray every night that my grandpas might be my guardian angels...
so this past week i had a dream one that i can remember vividly my comp and i were walking downt he Street and the misiĆ³n presidents wife Hna Leyva came up to me and said Hna Bigelow your grandma has been REALLY worried for you but i talked to her and told her you are fine and she sends her love. i was like um ok thank you haha and we kept walking! but we were walking and i saw an american and as we got closer i realized it was my grandpa Baker.... (this past week ive been really preoccupied with trying to be the best missionary i can be)... and i said what?? how can i see you??? you are dead!! and he said Baby Girl i know im dead.... and i said well how can i see you? why are you here? He said im here with all the other angels around you... i said what? He said i just want you to know you are the missionary the Lord needs you to be right now and ALWAYS remember that i am ALWAYS with you!.... he had no oxygen and was dressed how he normally dressed i couldnt believe  it.... i woke right up!
I am so grateful for the knowlege i have that my grandpas are ALWAYS with me and that i can one day be with them again!
like i told my family yesterday the days are hot my head at the end of the day is pounding my shoes are completely ruined and my legs hurt but i would NEVER trade these experiences for the world! i love this life here in Mexico and i LOVE my Heavenly Father!!!!!
Time to go!!!
Your One and Only,
Hermana Bigelow

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