Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 19, 2014

Well im sick again! lol this is probably the worst ive ever been sick in my life but i am feel somewhat better today!!! at least i dont have a fever!
well this week we have been seeing miracles in the change of peoples hearts here! We have 3 new inves. that before NEVER wanted to do anything with the church! The ward was surprised when they saw one in church and heard that 2 others are inves. its crazy that people can be so hard hearted but have the mentality to change it just goes to show that the Lord is preparing people in their time! like my mission! i NEVER wanted to serve but the Lord knew exactly how to prepare me in my own little ways to make sure that i knew that a mission was where i needed to be in this time and where i needed to e cause also i said i never wanted to go to Mexico haha oh man life cracks me up!!!!
Yesterday we kinda had a baptism... a little girl of 8 years old! shes super cute and kinda corny but thats ok by me! her family is less active.. i say kinda cause we didnt find out til friday that her dad was actually a member! so we cant really count her baptism as our baptism because her family is members but we taught her the whole time and it was great! she is a blast and her mother is completely CRAZY but i loved it!!! it was fun!!!!!
We have been having a hard time working with the members and inves together to get them to church but we have had REAL success with the less active members and getting them in church and in the chapel i love it because really their hearts know the truth and they want to do good! we just serve them and reteach the importance and they are back! i love the less active here they are my favorite people hehe!
ive been reading the book of mormon and i love Nephi! haha i keep rereading chapter 16 of 1 nephi when nephi breaks his bow! and how his family murmers and is all upset at him but with his faith he is doing all things lol i love verse 23 because nephi shows that he is preparing him self and doing all he can personally THEN he asks the Lord for help! i love this because we need to be doing all we can to be the people we need to be and show the Lord that we really want and need his help but we are doing the best that we can! we can relate this to so many things in this life!
Welp the time is up and im headed for the sun!!!
I love yall so much and i just love hearing from ya!!!!!!!
Your One and Only,
Hermana Bigelow

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