Thursday, February 26, 2015


Autumn was transferred back to Oaxaca in an area called Fortin right by the mission office! She is taking the place of a hermana who had to go home because of sickness :( She said some hard goodbyes to sweet families in Huatulco that she absolutely loved and her greenie companion!  But she is so excited for this new opportunity to serve in Oaxaca for the next 3 weeks!! We were able to hear from her Tuesday just to say she is there and alright!  It was an 8 hour bus trip that she had to take alone and she said she barfed half of it ... Yikes!! We just love this girl!!!
13 months out!!!!!

Painting Nails!!


Hey family what a blessing it is to hear from all of you and know that everyone is doing great! I hope my baby girl Dawson gets better... poor little girl! i still can not believe its been almost 2 years since she was born.... Man how time flies!!!!
Well family.. last Monday after we wrote we went up to the farthest part of our area to find a family again that was once inves. the church... we went and taught them about Christ through the Book of Mormon and found out that the husband is a inactive member and they are not married and have 2 kids! that's a depressing thing to hear but the is HOPE in this world especially for those that believe in Christ and act in his name! so we just bluntly told them you're gunna get married what do you think haha we explained about the law of chastity and baptism and guess what?! they said yes! they have been thinking about it for some time and now is the time for them! they are getting all their papers ready to take this next step get married and for the hermana to get baptized! its such an awesome thing when families feel the spirit when we testify to them of eternal truths that families can be together forever and it is through Jesus Christ that we can do that....i am so happy for them!
Well the sad thing about that is ... President told me on Friday that i am going to have special transfers in 2 weeks because my mom Hna Mamani is going HOME... shes finished! i cant believe it!!!! but so that means an hna gets left without companion and he is going to send me out of here! its sad cause I've been here so long and i just love the people but good cause once again I've been here so long haha i will come back and visit! Also we had major success with a family! we have been teaching a young boy for months now and yesterday we invited him to church and his dad finally gave him permission! then we went in the afternoon to teach them and for once the whole family sat down to listen it was a miracle and they all are going to be there i am so happy!!!!
Well family i know that the book of Mormon is the word of God that it holds all the truths we need to get through this life if only we read it and apply it. it was written and kept for our times SO USE IT! I love you all have such a great week and i will talk to you next Monday!!!!!!
1nephi 17
Hna Bigelow


Hey family!
Well we had a good week! not gunna lie we had a lot of success and we are accomplishing the goals that we have put!!! its been great! i know i am sorry but i am going to be really short today because we went to eat and the hna was asleep but really wanted to cook for us!!! and it took forever!
Well this week we had " new inves that are worth gold haha their names are Edgar hes 23 and he knows a ton he got an answer for the book of mormon and is super excited to be learning!!!! man i love it! and then there's QuiQue his wife was inves and he didn't want to get married to her for her to be baptized so she left him to live with her mom in Durango with her sons and got baptized and now he is very angry about all that's happened but he sees the change! we will see how he goes!!!
Well Friday night my zone leaders called me and told me that a new HNA was coming into Huatulco and was gunna be in a trio with us! so now until march 16 i will have two comps! I'm stoked! we get a long real well!!! and its a blast!!! we should work really good together... like i said THREE IS THE POWER! well family i love you tons and sorry this is so short!!! have an amazing week!!!!!!!
Hermano sigue adelante que lastima que esta difícil aveces pero lo único que puede hacer es seguir esforzando! sea feliz y recuerda que esta en el servicio del señor!!!! TE AMO!!!!!
well family i love you!!!!
Heleman 5:12!
Hna Bigelow

Monday, February 23, 2015


Hey hello what a beautiful day it is here in HUATULCO! guess what?! I didn't have transfers! I am still with little Tirad...(tirado) we will be together til March 16! wow I'm excited! shes a blast! I have been with her the longest I've been with a comp and this is the longest I've been in an area! I'm super excited! and to celebrate! in the morning we went to go say bye to everyone that left and then we went to eat breakfast with some members that invited us to eat with them and then they were like lets go to the light house and two beaches and be tourist today! so we got permission and we just went! it was a blast! we had so much fun! took a ton of pictures and we will see if they come through today! Well i have decided that Huatulco is SOOO beautiful and i wouldn't mind returning here with my Alaska income every year hehe! it would be legit to do so!
Well to the real life... MISSION LIFE! This week ha been like Hunter said a little sad and a lot slow!!! haha  well we are facing some really hard things here as a branch and we are really trying to help the leaders get the help and support they need we have been working really with the branch President and the District President! they are such great men and are called of God to guide this work here! they have really helped me out to understand the importance of the leadership! and that God is really the person that guides this work!
Also our inves. are doing good! we have dropped a few and are only working with 2 of our old inves and we are knocking doors going old style to find new people!!! its scary but fun! i just get nervous to do it! haha don't worry i haven't become a fearless rebel i am still just a little girl out in this world trying to help people learn about Christ! haha its the best calling i have ever had!!! I LOVE THIS WORK!!! i love helping people to come unto Christ!!!!
This week we had a new inves lesson her name is Mari! she is AMAZING! he husband is a drunk that lives in the street most of the days and only comes home to get more money... kinda sad... SUPER SAD! but she wants to change her life for the better!!! We had our lesson with her and we felt the spirit so strong she really just need the atonement of our lord and Savior in her life and that's a little of what she experienced in that moment in our lesson Tuesday! she was able to say the closing prayer and after the prayer she just started bawling and told us she could feel Him and that this was the path she needed to follow!
Yesterday as well with my calling in the branch i direct the music in sacrament i really was just looking at all the people there and just felt so much LOVE for them! it was the best! i love everything about this gospel!
Well family i love you all thank you so much for your love and support and helping to be here enjoying and loving these people and helping me really be converted to this gospel and the Lord and His plan that He has for us! what an amazing love it is he has for us!!!

Her one year picture!!!!!!!!

Her one year celebration with the branch pres. and his family!

They made her a cake!!


Well this week wont be as interesting! haha Monday we had a really cool Family home evening on Monday about doing what is right even when everyone is against you it was a great lesson! then Tuesday i still wasn't feeling good i actually got WORSE i had a super high fever and was super dizzy and could not even think straight.. it was funny we were in the district meeting Tuesday morning and hna tirado and i were doing practices and i had NO IDEA what i was saying and everyone was just looking at me like what is going on and i told them i just felt super sick and they sent us home and all i did was sleep i honestly could not open my flipping eyes it was bad... then Wednesday we only worked half day cause i didn't feel good still. Thursday my one year mark we worked and had a great day and a couple here in the rama had a small party they made us dinner and bought a cake but the food was SUPER greasy and made me super sick again! we had to go running home i felt bad haha but woke up Friday just fine but as we were in our first lesson with an inves.. that just straight up told us that the book of mormon wasn't true for many reasons from the animals down to little details it was heart breaking but we are overcoming it. then my comp started feeling really sick and throwing up so obviously we went home to rest she slept a few hours and woke up and was hungry but couldn't eat anything cause it made her more sick so we decided to go to the store to buy a Gatorade and while on the way my comp just passed out and had a seizure... it was odd but i had felt that day that something was going to happen so i wasn't too freaked out i was able to act.. luckily we were in front of the district presidents house and he and his wife helped me and called the dr to come check my comp cause she has a history of fainting and i needed to help get her responding ... but something i learned in that moment was that at the very moment the hna got down on her knees before doing anything else and started praying then she came to help... that's something i never thought to do .. to actually stop get on my knees and pray out loud... i felt like it was such an act of faith and a huge lesson to me about prayer! i was so grateful for that! well Saturday i went on divisions with Hna Sullivan cause her comp is SUPER sick... actually is gunna go home this week for worms and colitis and we had such a blast and we were able to visit a lot!
This week i had a lot of thinking time to think on the past year and how amazing its been in the service of the Lord and how much i have learned and i have SOOO much to learn it will be a lot of work for me to do in the next 6 months!!!! I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven that has given me this time to serve Him and become more like His Son Jesus Christ! I love this gospel and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be in Oaxaca Mexico! well family i love you all and thank you so much for your love and support!!!!
Elder Bigelow! Te Amo mucho! Felicidades en su bautismo! que emocionante!!! estoy tan feliz para ti y tu compa! pues hna sigue adelante ni importa que pasa!!!! o jaja algunas palabras que me has dicho son grocerias aqui en Mexico y una vez le dijo a compa a ver que significa y ella empezó a rier y no sabia porque y me dijo y ordale!!! son feos! jaja bueno te amo!!! y nos vemos!! sea obediente!!!
oh Elder Pieper was super cool! he said something that will stick with me forever he said... "in the church we believe in Agency.. well almost everyone ... everyone besides parents and missionaries!" haha its so true!i love it!!! well have an awesome week!!!
p.s. "Which Way Do You Face?"

Her greenie... that she loves!!



Hey family,
I hope all is well there in Palmer, ALASKA! or where ever you may be!!! Life here in Bahias De Huatulco is GREAT! Its going back to normal and we have people progressing FINALLY! we are working with someone named Aurora she is AMAZING!!!! like I said my last email she is prepare... she is prepared!!!!!! this last week we met with her to discuss somethings shes needed and needs in her life and she committed herself to baptism in March and is progressing real well! i am excited to see her progress although there are only 2 more weeks of this change i am REALLY hoping to stay here another one!!!!
Also yesterday we had an AMAZING experience.... we went to lunch with members and they had invited friends over... they are a young couple that was invited... he is an inactive member and she knows nothing of the church... they just lost their first baby in May... he lived 2 days and passed away and as we were there i could feel and see the pain they were going through... even to this day.. i cant imagine what they are suffering and i wouldn't ever want to be in their shoes... i was in a cry baby mood and anything they said about the subject i bawled with them i couldn't help it! i felt bad but there wasn't anything i could do. but we taught about the faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and we touched on the plan of salvation they were rushed to get back to work... but there was such a spirit there and I felt so strong the presence of their son... i felt the love the Lord has for them and i felt that there was SOMETHING we had to say to make a click.. to make this make sense so that they could and would want to learn more.... we testified of our Lord and His Atonement and as we did so they began to cry thanking us for the truth that we had share... they told us that we were grateful for being the people that they could confide in and they reassured us that they are willing to hear more. it was so cool i will never forget that lesson and the love that was there. it was cool cause they shred their experience out of no where and then at the end he told us hmmm i am not sure why i told you guys that ... i just feel like you can help me! and just the day before when Elder Pieper was here (amazing experience) he said to us.. sometimes our inves on the first lesson will tell us of troubles or problems in their lives and we will not know what to say or do just listen to the spirit and they tell us these thing because they feel the love and trust we have for them! and that's what happened it was so cool!!!

Well family i know that this church is true and that our Savior lives!!!! I know He loves us and the way we can show our love for Him is obedience!!!
D&C 123:17!
Love you,
Hna Bigelow