Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hey family!
Well we had a good week! not gunna lie we had a lot of success and we are accomplishing the goals that we have put!!! its been great! i know i am sorry but i am going to be really short today because we went to eat and the hna was asleep but really wanted to cook for us!!! and it took forever!
Well this week we had " new inves that are worth gold haha their names are Edgar hes 23 and he knows a ton he got an answer for the book of mormon and is super excited to be learning!!!! man i love it! and then there's QuiQue his wife was inves and he didn't want to get married to her for her to be baptized so she left him to live with her mom in Durango with her sons and got baptized and now he is very angry about all that's happened but he sees the change! we will see how he goes!!!
Well Friday night my zone leaders called me and told me that a new HNA was coming into Huatulco and was gunna be in a trio with us! so now until march 16 i will have two comps! I'm stoked! we get a long real well!!! and its a blast!!! we should work really good together... like i said THREE IS THE POWER! well family i love you tons and sorry this is so short!!! have an amazing week!!!!!!!
Hermano sigue adelante que lastima que esta difícil aveces pero lo único que puede hacer es seguir esforzando! sea feliz y recuerda que esta en el servicio del señor!!!! TE AMO!!!!!
well family i love you!!!!
Heleman 5:12!
Hna Bigelow

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