Monday, February 23, 2015


Well this week wont be as interesting! haha Monday we had a really cool Family home evening on Monday about doing what is right even when everyone is against you it was a great lesson! then Tuesday i still wasn't feeling good i actually got WORSE i had a super high fever and was super dizzy and could not even think straight.. it was funny we were in the district meeting Tuesday morning and hna tirado and i were doing practices and i had NO IDEA what i was saying and everyone was just looking at me like what is going on and i told them i just felt super sick and they sent us home and all i did was sleep i honestly could not open my flipping eyes it was bad... then Wednesday we only worked half day cause i didn't feel good still. Thursday my one year mark we worked and had a great day and a couple here in the rama had a small party they made us dinner and bought a cake but the food was SUPER greasy and made me super sick again! we had to go running home i felt bad haha but woke up Friday just fine but as we were in our first lesson with an inves.. that just straight up told us that the book of mormon wasn't true for many reasons from the animals down to little details it was heart breaking but we are overcoming it. then my comp started feeling really sick and throwing up so obviously we went home to rest she slept a few hours and woke up and was hungry but couldn't eat anything cause it made her more sick so we decided to go to the store to buy a Gatorade and while on the way my comp just passed out and had a seizure... it was odd but i had felt that day that something was going to happen so i wasn't too freaked out i was able to act.. luckily we were in front of the district presidents house and he and his wife helped me and called the dr to come check my comp cause she has a history of fainting and i needed to help get her responding ... but something i learned in that moment was that at the very moment the hna got down on her knees before doing anything else and started praying then she came to help... that's something i never thought to do .. to actually stop get on my knees and pray out loud... i felt like it was such an act of faith and a huge lesson to me about prayer! i was so grateful for that! well Saturday i went on divisions with Hna Sullivan cause her comp is SUPER sick... actually is gunna go home this week for worms and colitis and we had such a blast and we were able to visit a lot!
This week i had a lot of thinking time to think on the past year and how amazing its been in the service of the Lord and how much i have learned and i have SOOO much to learn it will be a lot of work for me to do in the next 6 months!!!! I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven that has given me this time to serve Him and become more like His Son Jesus Christ! I love this gospel and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be in Oaxaca Mexico! well family i love you all and thank you so much for your love and support!!!!
Elder Bigelow! Te Amo mucho! Felicidades en su bautismo! que emocionante!!! estoy tan feliz para ti y tu compa! pues hna sigue adelante ni importa que pasa!!!! o jaja algunas palabras que me has dicho son grocerias aqui en Mexico y una vez le dijo a compa a ver que significa y ella empezó a rier y no sabia porque y me dijo y ordale!!! son feos! jaja bueno te amo!!! y nos vemos!! sea obediente!!!
oh Elder Pieper was super cool! he said something that will stick with me forever he said... "in the church we believe in Agency.. well almost everyone ... everyone besides parents and missionaries!" haha its so true!i love it!!! well have an awesome week!!!
p.s. "Which Way Do You Face?"

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