Monday, February 23, 2015


Hey family,
I hope all is well there in Palmer, ALASKA! or where ever you may be!!! Life here in Bahias De Huatulco is GREAT! Its going back to normal and we have people progressing FINALLY! we are working with someone named Aurora she is AMAZING!!!! like I said my last email she is prepare... she is prepared!!!!!! this last week we met with her to discuss somethings shes needed and needs in her life and she committed herself to baptism in March and is progressing real well! i am excited to see her progress although there are only 2 more weeks of this change i am REALLY hoping to stay here another one!!!!
Also yesterday we had an AMAZING experience.... we went to lunch with members and they had invited friends over... they are a young couple that was invited... he is an inactive member and she knows nothing of the church... they just lost their first baby in May... he lived 2 days and passed away and as we were there i could feel and see the pain they were going through... even to this day.. i cant imagine what they are suffering and i wouldn't ever want to be in their shoes... i was in a cry baby mood and anything they said about the subject i bawled with them i couldn't help it! i felt bad but there wasn't anything i could do. but we taught about the faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and we touched on the plan of salvation they were rushed to get back to work... but there was such a spirit there and I felt so strong the presence of their son... i felt the love the Lord has for them and i felt that there was SOMETHING we had to say to make a click.. to make this make sense so that they could and would want to learn more.... we testified of our Lord and His Atonement and as we did so they began to cry thanking us for the truth that we had share... they told us that we were grateful for being the people that they could confide in and they reassured us that they are willing to hear more. it was so cool i will never forget that lesson and the love that was there. it was cool cause they shred their experience out of no where and then at the end he told us hmmm i am not sure why i told you guys that ... i just feel like you can help me! and just the day before when Elder Pieper was here (amazing experience) he said to us.. sometimes our inves on the first lesson will tell us of troubles or problems in their lives and we will not know what to say or do just listen to the spirit and they tell us these thing because they feel the love and trust we have for them! and that's what happened it was so cool!!!

Well family i know that this church is true and that our Savior lives!!!! I know He loves us and the way we can show our love for Him is obedience!!!
D&C 123:17!
Love you,
Hna Bigelow

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