Monday, February 23, 2015


Hey hello what a beautiful day it is here in HUATULCO! guess what?! I didn't have transfers! I am still with little Tirad...(tirado) we will be together til March 16! wow I'm excited! shes a blast! I have been with her the longest I've been with a comp and this is the longest I've been in an area! I'm super excited! and to celebrate! in the morning we went to go say bye to everyone that left and then we went to eat breakfast with some members that invited us to eat with them and then they were like lets go to the light house and two beaches and be tourist today! so we got permission and we just went! it was a blast! we had so much fun! took a ton of pictures and we will see if they come through today! Well i have decided that Huatulco is SOOO beautiful and i wouldn't mind returning here with my Alaska income every year hehe! it would be legit to do so!
Well to the real life... MISSION LIFE! This week ha been like Hunter said a little sad and a lot slow!!! haha  well we are facing some really hard things here as a branch and we are really trying to help the leaders get the help and support they need we have been working really with the branch President and the District President! they are such great men and are called of God to guide this work here! they have really helped me out to understand the importance of the leadership! and that God is really the person that guides this work!
Also our inves. are doing good! we have dropped a few and are only working with 2 of our old inves and we are knocking doors going old style to find new people!!! its scary but fun! i just get nervous to do it! haha don't worry i haven't become a fearless rebel i am still just a little girl out in this world trying to help people learn about Christ! haha its the best calling i have ever had!!! I LOVE THIS WORK!!! i love helping people to come unto Christ!!!!
This week we had a new inves lesson her name is Mari! she is AMAZING! he husband is a drunk that lives in the street most of the days and only comes home to get more money... kinda sad... SUPER SAD! but she wants to change her life for the better!!! We had our lesson with her and we felt the spirit so strong she really just need the atonement of our lord and Savior in her life and that's a little of what she experienced in that moment in our lesson Tuesday! she was able to say the closing prayer and after the prayer she just started bawling and told us she could feel Him and that this was the path she needed to follow!
Yesterday as well with my calling in the branch i direct the music in sacrament i really was just looking at all the people there and just felt so much LOVE for them! it was the best! i love everything about this gospel!
Well family i love you all thank you so much for your love and support and helping to be here enjoying and loving these people and helping me really be converted to this gospel and the Lord and His plan that He has for us! what an amazing love it is he has for us!!!

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