Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey y'all!!!! how are you doing???? This week started out slow cause my comp was still a little sick but we ended up REALLY finding those that are ready and willing to have the gospel in their lives I will share with you an experience from Saturday we found a new family of three and we taught them in the afternoon put a date with them and challenged them to go to church and guess what they went and LOVED it and accepted a baptism date! sad to say i wont be here when they get baptized but i will be able to teach them the majority of what they need to know! i am so flipping excited to help them out! they are named oscar his wife milagro and their son jose louis. i am so happy for them! 
Also today is 17 MONTHS!!!!!!!! i am so happy and we had a sister activity that we went to some ruins here close to my area called Atzompa it was a blast but it was super tiring we hiked soooooooooo flipping much and i got sooo burnt i hope y'all can see the pictures on facebook my camera died it was so depressing! but it was gorgeous there! 
I love you guys so much i am so grateful for this gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ! i love you mucho!!!!!!!! have the best week ever!!!
Hermana Autumn Nichol Bigelow

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