Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lets just say i know that for the rest of my mission the transfers are going to fly by like crazy and that freaks me out!!! i don't want it to end so fast! the mission literally is the BEST PLACE ON EARTH! i am loving the experiences!
so this week we had something so sad happen.... Socorro and Ramiro moved to Vera Cruz:(:( i cried that was one of the saddest things I've heard since I've been here!!! but we sent the reference and they said they were going to keep listening cause its really something they desire to have in their lives! that's the best part!!!!
we have been going through our inves and dropping a ton that just weren't progressing and we are finding a ton of new inves so we are hoping to see a ton of progress there! something our president told us to do! well this week we went to the temple! i saw Hna MAMANI hehe and i was able to talk to my people from tlacolula cause guess what?!?! SHES STILL THERE!!! 7 1/2 months haha I'm JEALOUS!!!! well then we stayed that whole day in Oaxaca waiting for me to talk to a specialist it was kinda RIDICULOUS! and his prediction was totally DIFFERENT from the other two so i have no idea what to do just kinda lost but i am waiting on direction from the area doctor for Mexico!
we had zone meeting Friday it was somewhat lame! haha just kidding just a lot of talking about how we are done focusing on numbers other than focusing on helping inves get to baptism cause our mission has SUPER HIGH numbers but the amount of baptisms suck! so we are now focused on that and really listening and helping others to receive Christ... then after the zone conference it was like we both prayed to find the needs of our inves and then we started working and our inves all just spilled out on us and told us everything and all broke down and just seeking guidance from two 19 year old girls! that seriously was one of the hardest coolest things ever. what a blessing it is to be trusted so much from the people you are teaching and the spirit that guided us completely in saying and reading exactly what they needed definitely moments that i will never EVER forget! i am nothing without God i am weak without his help!!!
then Saturday all our appointments fell through so we just decided to listen for a minute to the spirit and go! we decided to walk up this road we talked to a man and then we were like dang we need to find people so we walked back down the hill and saw a side road I've never been down before so we went there and the second house on the road a lady said hi to us and said PASAN!! which is like welcome and we went up to her house and she totally was ready to listen ready to hear and we taught her on spot! she was so great i can't wait to go back! literally this week was just for me to figure out exactly how the spirit works with me and i know now exactly how i receive promptings and when to use them!
i have changed my perspective this week completely on the mission and its helping me so much to become stronger. yeah its hard but there is definitely nothing more beautiful!
Oh! i gave a talk yesterday in church i got the call to talk an hour before church when we were leaving haha crazy! but it went really good now i know i can give off the spot talks hahaha
well family i LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
i am so grateful for you and cant wait to see y'all again!!!
Have a GREAT week!!!!
Hna Bigelow
p.s. the scripture is Alma 26:11 y 12 and also 3 Nephi 19:25 and d&c 6:21 I LOVE Y'ALL!!!

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