Friday, August 15, 2014

Well as my title says "don't take compliments from a degenerate low life's"... haha that's hna Martinez and my theme cause, wooow you would of thought we were gold if we were judging from the "degenerates low life's" point of view! haha noooo but well this week was a lot better it definitely is so true that the trial of our faith brings blessings!!!
Well this week we found BELEN! she was in Rio Grande for a month being taught there but came back we found her and we will be having her baptism this Saturday!!! her and her son Moises!!!! i am so excited for her!!! i cried when i found her almost haha and she really did! we also got a reference for a family of 6 of a widowed mom with 5 boys (she has all my respect) but they are so good and they are the family of gold! they are very catholic but open to change and a better life!!!! i am so exited to be progressing with them! we are learning a ton about ourselves and how we can better our teaching a tons hna martinez and i! but the sad this is ... is Sunday we get transfer calls and then who knows where we will be for that! I'm stoked! haha i am anticipating the heat of the coast hahaha not really y'all!
well we once again have a family of mice living in our house cockroaches and these little poisonous lizards that eat cockaroaches living in our house! needless to say we haven't slept that good this week!!!
Well y'all i am here in Oaxaca today!!! i have been having some really bad pains in my joints and especially my knees they just fall out of place while i am walking literally 6 times a day and i pretty much fall so today i am here getting blood studies done cause the doctor thinks that it is arthritis... but lets hope not!!!!
this week my testimony of families has been so strengthened and I am so glad that i have this opportunity to be here sharing the truths of a FOREVER FAMILY with all that i can! its the most beautiful thing ever! i am so grateful for my family and the love and strength they are to me!
Thank you all for being the best anyone can ask for! i cant wait to see the smile on Jesus face walking into his loving arms with my family right beside me!!! i love it!
Scripture this week: 3 Nephi 19:25 the only scripture when it said that Jesus was smiling!!!!:)
Love your mexican alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow

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