Friday, August 8, 2014

well family! another week has come and gone! another really long week i feel like! haha not gunna lie your prayers were probably the extra strength i needed this week! it was a rough one! definitely a Prueba De Mi Fe! we just were not having luck our inves. are amazing and a few are progressing in reading and prayers but not going to church and others just the opposite. it was hard and then i just was feeling inadequate in my language skills sometimes and having someone tell me that my Spanish was horrible and then Friday and Saturday were just the hardest just feeling bummed not finding house being rejected and then we got our house infested with flying cockroaches and mice.... not gunna lie we did NOT sleep on Saturday night and our district leaders didn't answer and by that time the whole weeks accounts just added up and we burst out bawling at one in the morning and the only thing we could do was pray... then to add on top of that we forgot it was fast Sunday and we went to go pick up a little old man and bring him to church but he hadn't eaten yet and he was just really slow and then walked a mile an hr haha he was the cutest tho let me tell you but we didn't get to take the sacrament lets just say i felt like a bummer for a missionary..... but i have learned a lot this week a LOT! i am just happy that there is ALWAYS the loving mercy of Christ in our lives to help us keep going!
well! socorro is pregnant and they are progressing so well we are putting a marriage and baptism date when they get back from vera cruz! i love them literally haha they say one day they will go to Alaska... but hey who knows!!! he is applying for their passports this week hahahaha
well we are giving an English class to our ward every Wednesday its so cute and fun i love when the little mexicans try to speak it fills me with laughter!!!
this week we woke up to a really strong and LONG earthquake haha it was fun but dang i dont think out concrete house can take any stronger!!!!
well i honestly love yall with all my heart and lets just say i love saying i have a missionary little brother hunter keep on truckin bud!!!!! haha kade my hunky chunky funky STOKEY muscly brother haha what the heck happened?!?! haha keep the faith haha jeni my beauty stay strong! makenli and dawson STAY LITTLE MY BABIES! haha thank y'all for all y'alls prayers and keep your testimonies strong! til next week my eternal ones!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow
p.s. the scrip is Alma 37:6-7 by small and simple things are great things brought to pass!!!!!!!!!!

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