Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014
Well holy cow I feel like this week went on FOREVER!!! It went OK. we have been having a hard time cause all the people want the other Hermana back so that is really hard to try and teach when they are only interested in the other person and what they are doing and where they are at.... its hard but i am trying!!! we were kinda super bummed Saturday and Sunday morning cause the rain is so hard, the people are so hard, my comp is super sick and we just aren't have success and we went to church on Sunday and the temple president talked in sacrament and Sunday school and let me tell you it was an answer to prayers for the both of us! He talked about the temple and prayer and how the Lord doesn't take away our problems he only helps us and give us the strength when we ask specifically and he talked about how the temple is the only place where we can receive all the blessings from God and receive the revelation we need! I can't relay the power of his message or the spirit that was felt but it true was amazing and he said that he had something COMPLETELY different planned to talk about but felt that we needed this message... God truly answers prayers... he talked about 6 steps to prayer...
1)plan your prayer
2)analyze what you are going to say (be specific on what and how)
3)meditate specifically in the order of your prayer
4)Converse with the Lord he wants to talk with us
5) Questions "questions are the door to revelation
6)LISTEN D&C8:2-3, D&C9:8, intro to D&C, D&C11:2
I have never prayed like this before but I cant wait to start to do so!!! I love prayer it really is our strength and power when we cant no more or when we need help or just want to talk its truly amazing! I never really prayed personally or anything before my mission but now its the only thing I ever do its so amazing I love it! well time is short but I love y'all!! have a great week!!!!!!
Hermana Bigelow your MEXICAN ALASKAN!!!!!!!!!!

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