Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 2, 2014
baha! yeah let me tell y'all that this área is COMPLETELY different! its HUGE and i really just feel lost all the time haha! but i have had some AMAZING experiences in this area already this week! My district is the best and the members are AMAZING!!!!!
One of the set of elders in my district had a baptism this week! It was so different than the baptisms i had had in Tlacolula by far! the support of the ward was incredible! i can not tell you how strong the spirit was and how amazingly it changed the hearts of the inves. in attendance! the baptism was of a 18 yr old youth and they youth had just returned from youth conference so they were all filled with the spirit! and the youth well 5 young men and one young woman prepared a song and sang it.... it was BEAUTIFUL needless to say all of us missionaries were bawling haha it was beautiful! and Sunday was amazing we have such a GREAT ward its a HUGE change but i love it so much!! i miss Tlacolula like nothing else but this area is a huge change!!!!
No i did not go to the Nacho chapel because we had to go to the doctor this morning for my comp but I've seen like all the places here in town where the movie took place and I'm in love i quote it like crazy! my comp has never seen the movie its kinda sad! I'm educating her hehe
Well let me tell yáll I'm becoming mexican haha i LOVE mayonesa with EVERYTHING I'm not even JOKING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! its so gross that i love it so but its the truth!!!!
oh Saturday we had an activity in Oaxaca with all the missionaries in the city so i got to see my HERMANA MAMANI my best friend haha it was soooo goood!!!!!! we had tons of fun learning how to clean the bathroom and cook food and sew and what exercises we can do! but let me tell you I'm sore out the YING YANG i do abs every morning nothing with my legs because i walk all day but holy cow i need to work on them hahahhahaha
}I CANT BELIEVE IT SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY COW YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!! im sooo happy I'm in tears for you and Marlo. this is such a huge step for y'all and i cant wait to see your pictures in the temple in a years!!!! you are incredible!!! i love you guys TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well the work is amazing the church is TRUE and i love you all like NONE other!!!!!!
Your Mexican Alaskan,
Hermana Bigelow
P.S. the scripture of the week is Helaman 3:27-29!!

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