Monday, December 8, 2014


FAMILY!!!! i cant believe it! how FAST this transfer went by! and this next transfer is my birthday and Christmas... WEIRD!!!!! and we can talk! how sweet it that?? 
Well this week was a lot i feel like just a lot of different things happened... i learned a lot about the atonement this week that i will never forget. Really that it is something that needs to be applied everyday for us to really endure to the end and keep our baptism and temple covenants and that it can be applied for what ever you are feeling.
Family what a blessing it is to know of the gospel and have it in our lives. To know that God has a plan for us and wants our happiness that there is not one thing that happens without a reason. I watched the Saratov approach this week. and it taught me a HUGE lesson that no matter who we are what we have done and when we do it the Lord has a set plan and when we fall the spirit the Lord will not let that plan faulter.
We taught this week a new inves the plan of salvation. it was one of the most beautiful lessons i have had in my mission. the hermana was waiting and preparing to hear this message and accept it into her life to help her realize that she is a daughter of God that just LOVES her so much and we are the instruments in his hands that can help Him help her!!! 
I am so grateful to be a missionary to share this light and this message! family i love you so much. thank you for your love and support and know you are ALWAYS in my prayers!!!! thank you for everything and never forget that we are ALL children of the same father!!!
Hunter, te amo mi hermanito! recuerda al amar su compañero y servirle en todo. recuerda que el es tu mejor amigo en que el siempre esta con tigo en CADA momento! peor de tu futuro esposa jiji! hermano GRACIAS por tu animos y amor! vamos a hacer este viaje que me dijiste! ya todo bien! le extraño!
I love you guys thanks a ton!!!! thank you for the prayers and i will keep you updated on health cause for now we are at the same point as last week! 
Hna Bigelow
Romans 8:25 

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