Monday, December 8, 2014



Hey... who can believe that its December??? I CANT I'm like a roasted oven turkey down here in the dirty south of Mexico! even though we had the Christmas program and people have lights out i do not feel like its Christmas i feel really weird!!!
Well this week was really cool! we have been blessed in so many ways!!!! We all day Thursday and Friday were in the chapel practicing and preparing for the Christmas program and we had interviews and everything all that good stuff!!!
Well the program was super spiritual apart from the fact that i sang a few of my words in English! it que... we had a song its called Gethsemane and its in English and the Hna Madsen told us we cant sing in English so on Friday in 2 hours i had to get help so that we could translate the song! at first i thought how easy but NO!! you have to find words that rhyme and then find ones that work with the rhythm its hard!!! but we got it worked out!!!
Well family here is a video that has the message of what this Christmas is all about!

I really don't have too much time!!! but just remember when we are in the service of other the Love of god is always with us and remember that we are to give the gift to our Savior this season through prayers, reading the scriptures partaking of the sacrament worthily and working to follow him!
I'm sorry its super short!
But i love you all and will write next week!!!!
Hna Bigelow

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