Monday, December 8, 2014

 ´´no matter what im gunna love you´´

well the title of this email are lyrics to one of my favorite songs right now that talks about Christ and its up beat i feel as tho my comp is so tired of the song cause its English and i play it all the time! i just tell her i will keep playing it til she learns the words in English hehe i am a great mom don't judge me!!! ;) 
Well this week was a great one and we had a lot of experiences bonitas! one is that this week we found a hermana that's been investigating the church for the past 2 years! she has never accepted a baptism date because she is afraid that if she is baptized again God wont accept her we taught her about the priesthood and that we are here for a reason to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized  by this power and authority and she understood it ... it just clicked and she will be baptized January 3! what an amazing experience! also yesterday we went with a member that has a problem drinking coffee! we taught her the word of wisdom in a weird way with only using an example of a car and she totally understood it as well ... I've realized the Lord is working lots of little miracles in the lives of many and i am SO grateful for the opportunity to be a witness of them all! 
The temple trip was a blast! it was weird to miss a whole days worth of work but it was a blessing to be able to go to the temple with Jairo and experience that with him! we were able to go through 2 sessions and go to eat we had a blast we then put my flashdrive in the bus and had fun singing the church songs in English and Spanish a bus full of member from my branch and then we got stopped by government police wanting to haul me off to jail!!! we are not a loud to carry our passports with us just copies of our passports and visas and he was upset that i didn't have the real ones then he started yelling at me asking why i was there and who i was with and an hermana told him that if he made me get off the bus that all the mormons on the bus were getting off with me and he threw the papers at me and left! WHOO HOOO!!! she saved my life! not really it was just a fun experience!
Well family its time for me to go! and just know i am so grateful for all of you and your love for me! i am grateful for the testimony that i have that i know my savior lives and because of that we can gain eternal life! i am grateful for a loving father that day after day shows his love for me and has given me this opportunity to serve in his vineyard and help his children here in Oaxaca understand the plan of salvation that is one of hope love and faith!! i am grateful for the living Prophet who leads and guides us today! i am grateful for the examples in my life and especially from my little brother down there in the dirty south of Columbia! Gracias Hermanito por tu amor! por tu ejemplo! échele ganas y recuerda que los enfermedades no hacen mas fuertes!! te amo!!! tenga buena semana!!!
I love you all!,
Hna bigelow

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