Monday, October 27, 2014


Hola family!
I hope you guys are doing just great! This week has been just a bit long for me! Haha seems as though the time passes by just as fast but the people just super slow haha it’s hard to explain! Well we had a pretty good week definitely a lot of experiences when the spirit was just super strong! We were able to survive this hurricane that is passing by just with a ton of wind and rains like a TON of rain kinda weird I am not used to the whole tropical storms rhythm but its fun!
Well this week we had a good time with getting things in order with our inves. And members and making plans. We definitely have a lot to work on here but we can see a lot of progress especially in one of our less active youths that we are teaching I don’t remember if I talked about her the last time but her name is Rubi… Rubi is 17 and married with a baby she lives with her in-laws and husband! She is like me in her way to express herself! Haha I love her! We have been working with her to get her to realize the things that she could accomplish here in the church if she really had the desire.  We have been meeting with her on a regular basis. But this week we took things in the way that she needed and we went a way that was just inspired we decided to open up the hymn book cause she LOVES to sing hymns and use the scripture from there… we opened up to abide with me tis even tide and read the scripture from Luke and instantly the room filled with the spirit we were able to share experiences and testimonies and in the first time in a year Rubi said she knew what she needed to do she knew what direction she needed to take! It will be a little for her to fully return and get through the temple but she definitely is progressing she is keeping her commitments and is going along little by little she is like a best friend and most importantly a daughter of God and he really has a lot in store for this young mom!!
Also yesterday we went to lunch and they made spaghetti pizza casserole mom I am not joking! I about died and went to heaven!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing!!! Then we talked about missionary work cause the couple that we were eating with are preparing for a mission and they also invited our inves Jairo and he also is preparing to serve. The experience was so beautiful to share scriptures talk about preparing and how amazing the work is! It was such a conforming loving felting even though I am halfway through my mission it still feels so good to feel the confirming spirit of the efforts and work you are doing.
Family this past 9 months has been hard, fun, sad, amazing, challenging but most importantly full of growth and the spirit! I have seen the spirit work through those I have served I have felt the love that God has for His children … every one of them and I have seen the Lord work miracles through me being an instrument in His hands. I have never felt so much joy in my life as I have these past 9 months helping and serving the people I have grown to love so dearly in such a short amount of time definitely have seen and felt a change in the knowledge that I have grown to receive the testimony that I have of this gospel and most importantly my Savior Jesus Christ! The love He has for us is INFINITE and the ways that He can help us are eternal. Remember your worth and that we all have mistakes but that’s why we are here to grow and learn and love! I am SO grateful for the time I have to dedicate to the Lord I still have some time left but time that is not mine and is all His. Thank you for all your love and support for the strength I receive through your testimonies each week when I come to email and the experiences that you share!
9 more months to keep giving it my all!  My scripture this week is Acts 18:11 ´´ y se detuvo allí un año y seis meses, enseñándoles la palabra de Dios.´´  sorry its in spanish! But hey you'll get it if you read it in english haha
Well it´s time to go! I love you all like crazy and I am sooo grateful for your support and love!!!! Have an amazing week!!!
Hna Bigelow

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