Monday, October 6, 2014

hey y'all! well we ended another transfer and are moving on to the next! its definitely been a transfer that i am not gunna lie was the hardest EVER i think i got attacked with everything possible that the mission and Mexico had to offer!!!! haha and I'm still trying to get a few bugs out of the system! but let me just tell y'all... i have never seen so many blessings in my life! i have never seen so much happiness and peace the gospel can bring to SO many people! i have been blessed with more strength, humility, faith and love through this last transfer and i am soo grateful for the blessings of the Lord. you know what they say..."what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" A LOT cheesey but true hahahaha well right now i am just trying to get parasites out of my system before tomorrow cause guess what?!?!?!
I am getting transferred to HUALTUCO OAXACA MEXICO! the second most beautiful beaches in Mexico... kinda really stoked! there i will be serving as Senior comp with Hna Sinai. i don't know who she is but we will see! i am really excited to go! i am super sad to leave my people here in Etla but i have a good feeling about this transfer!!! sad to leave hna martinez but hey we knew it'd happen at some point!!! I'm farther away from the offices like 6-7 hrs from the city so that will be weird but i am super excited to see what this brings... oh and guess what?!?!?! mamani will be in my district!!!! bahaha weird eh?
Well this week on experiences... there were a ton! i literally learned sooo much from the Lord nad how much he love his people here and how many people are truly ready to hear the gospel in this moment!! Like yesterday we went to contact a reference that we had receive from the elders the day before but we couldn't find the house so we went into the building that supposedly was right next door to this guys house and we contacted the lady and she said oh no thanks but then we asked her super random question if she would like to live with her 10 yr old daughter after this life and she said.. yes! how?? and we taught her right on the spot she firmly said she was going to go to church on Sunday and her and her daughter have baptism dates for November! it was such a miracle that we had been praying for!!!
well also yesterday hna Martinez and i sang in sacrament with my favorite family here in Etla and it was beautiful! also they sang a song for me as a family to say bye to me!!! they are a singing family he was the first member here with his family in Oaxaca and they created a radio station and only sang church hymns some long time ago!!! it was the best! i love them so much!!! sad to say bye to them but the Lord is always willing to humble ourselves and do his will! that's my lesson this transfer! haha
D&C 11:12-14 how the spirit helps us and the ways it speaks to us!
I love you all so much thank you for your love and prayers!
Have a great week!!!!
Hermana Bigelow

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