Monday, October 27, 2014


Well i think i found out my purpose as a member and missionary yesterday as i reflected on the past few years and right now in the mission! yesterday we had a great start to our day!!! but it all started earlier in the week!!!!! we went to go visit a less active hermana... Hermana Eva earlier in the week and she told us she had fallen sunday morning and messed up her back. and she needed help on saturday to wash clothes so we said we would come to help her then and do the family home evening with her her husband and 3 sons that are 18, 20 and 22 they are rebel boys but its fun to teach them! and we planned it out just a fun night to relax and have fun as a family cause they dont get along at all. but we went had the family home evening and we shared about the family and the importance of working together and just having fun we made fried ice cream (i have an amazing recipe) and quesapizzas my comps idea. it was a little awkward at first then we got them all involved and it was a BLAST! we all loved it! then yesterday walking to church i kept thinking it would be a miracle if they came to church today... heck they have three years out of the church and we didn't even invite them to come they are not going to come! and when we got to the church we were waiting for investigators and i heard my comp scream ... i was like what the heck we are in the church SHHHHH!!! and i turned the corner and there they were!!!!! i think it was almost as great as seeing my parents again!!! haha not really but its kinda how i imagine it!!! it was AMAZING a feeling so beautiful that the Hna and her husband after 3 whole years were back in churcha dn the other members felt it too and were sooooooooooo excited to see them we all cried a little and just felt an overwhelming feeling oh peace and love!!!
I have come to see as i said to my parents a while back that i LOVE working with less active members and this started well before my mission and to see the effects of the work is amazing!!! gathering the lost sheep!!! haha it started like 3 years ago and its a passion! to be able to do it you have to first love the people as children of our Father in Heaven! its hard sometimes but its a feeling so beautiful! i have been so blessed to be here in the mission to be able to learn all that i have and can! definitely not a decision i will ever take for granted because things can change in an instant but for now we just show that love and help as much as we can!!!
Mi Hermano Elder Bigelow, como esta?? jaja si compañero femenina que te pasa! dígale a poner su chonis y póngase a trabajar! jaja no no lo hace! pero Hunter recuerda su llamamiento en cada momento y que usted es un representante de Jesucristo llamado a servir! gracias por su ejemplo y recuerda siempre que TE AMO!!!
my scripture this week is D&C 24:9 its an amazing scripture we are going to have the strength if we are focused on the Lord and his work not on the things temperal!
well yall i hope you have a good week and keep that smile on your face!!!!
thank you for the love faith and prayers!!!!!!
Hna Bigelow

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