Monday, October 6, 2014


Hey Family!

well i made it completely safe down here to Hualtuco! Lets just say when i come to visit Oaxaca after the mish i am definitely coming back here but there is no way in HECK i am going on a bus again! its pure turns all the way and let me tell you in a bus its NOT pretty!!! i really almost threw up all over Hna Mamani Bahahaha i can picture it! Well we got off the bus and it was like how it explains in Daniel 3 with sadrac, mesac and abednego (haha i cant spell them in english if its wrong) but how the guards went to go put them in the fire and they died not even touching it cause it was so hot! yep but i feel like the three of them cause guess what i haven't died yet!!!!! that's a blessing!
haha but apparently the weather hasn't been sooo hot but i am glad cause right now we walk into peoples houses and they are like wow did someone get you wet and I'm like NO! I'm dying from heat people! yeah its really gross but i am glad i am here this time of year rather than the end of my mission cause then i would really die! the elders said that i will be here 6 months haha who really knows but i wouldn't mind it! its beautiful just hot and the people are SO different!
Well My comp her name is hna Saez she is from Puebla just 4 short hours away! hahaha really fun just shes used to being an only child and I'm the oldest of 6 that doesn't flow well with characters haha but you know what that's why we are here to learn and LOVE!!!!
Well we have amazing inves. here one of which is named Jairo pronounced Hiro.. he honestly is AMAZING!!! he was so prepared before the missionaries even found him!!! he understands every lesson reads about them before we teach has a firm testimony of the book of mormon, made his own baptism date is going to all services on Sunday plus institute AND mission prep class cause as of last night he decided his next step is a p. blessing and to leave on a mission!!!!!!!!! I can NOT believe how crazy it is! and he has decided all of this even with his family telling him its of the devil and that he is choosing Evil ways he is strong and knows the truth! i LOVE IT! the Lord really is preparing specific people to accept the gospel!!! he wrote me out his testimony and its one of the most beautiful things i have heard in my life i have never met someone so strong!
well i definitely LOVED conference it is such a blessing in our lives isnt it... to receive personal revelation and help! well I LOVED jeffery R Hollands talk...(as usual) and Jorg Klebrigat! WOW power! i was taken back from them like ahhh! haha i loved that jeffery r holland said that "i know that God knows how to help you help others when you are consciously seeking and asking!" I don't know why that hits me so much apparently i need to trust in my Saviors help more in the work cause really its HIS work! and i loved the 6 things from Jorg Klebrigat it was amazing that our spiritual confidence can increase when we apply these things into our lives and i LOVE LOVE LOVE what he said that "you are pleasing God despite your shortcomings!"that was such a testimony builder to me then i remembered the scripture in Helaman5 27 that the Lord can make our weaknesses strengths! loved it!!!
Well family its time for me to bid farewell til next week! but first... my NEW favorite scripture.... "if thou art Merry Praise the lord with songs, with music, with dancing and with prayers of praise and thanksgiving!" D&C 136 28... HOLY COW LOVE IT!!!!!
well i love you all and hope all is well at home and with everyone! Hunter i love you so much my brother and be safe! no olvide ni un oracion... sea feliz y escuches el espiritu santo en todo momento! recuerdes que Dios te amas mucho pero tambien tu hermana aqui en oaxaca!
be safe, be happy, remember your prayers and apply what you learn and God will bless you with more light!!!!
Hna Bigelow
p.s. yes gma i got the package , hunter i finally got a letter haha and sorry if all my family that wrote me if i couldn't respond i will try next week!1

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