Monday, October 27, 2014


Oh how i love the HEAT!

haha words that are not true people!!! sorry!! i have to admit when i walked in the store today i didn't want to learn 1.. because it was soooo cold and 2... because there was a show in the tvs about Alaska and i about fell on the floor and DIED!!! i wished i was in that freezing ice storm that they showed but i had to walk away after about 3 seconds cause otherwise i would have been committing a transgression!!! haha
Well this week was very good like Hunter said in his email that it went by so fast he didn't even remember what all went on! and that's sorta how i am feeling at this moment in time! its been a good week just too fast i can hardly believe it the next Wednesday will be 9 months in the mission and then I'm just dying as everyone here says it makes me sad but more motivated to stay on task! because the last 9 months have gone by SO fast the next 9 will go by even faster!!!!
Well this week i have been able to work things out in figuring out the area and how to dress accordingly with the weather haha the blistering hot sun! and not gunna lie my tan lines are UGLY but i am definitely a LOT darker its hard to tell in photos but everyone is like goodness you are so dark!!!! i love it!
Ok now to the spiritual side of my life! which is like almost all of it right now!!! Well we have been focusing a lot with working with the members of the branch we have been having to help them see the good that missionary work is and getting the youth of age to go out with us and teach and get them excited for the mission! i LOVE that part of the work! I really wish i would have gone out with the sister before my mission (mom i know what you are thinking!!) but i will definitely go out with them after the mission... it'll be hard trying to teach in English but that wont stop me!!! The help from members in missionary work is SO important from just feeding us to going out with us and helping!! not going to lie every missionary has a family they go to to receive love and to feel comfortable with!!! BE THAT FAMILY!!!! love the missionaries, invite them to the house, feed them and most importantly pray for people everyday that they can teach!!!! remember how you feel or felt having missionaries out and how you want the members to treat your missionaries and do the same!!!! D&C 84:89-90:)
Well also this week we have been focusing a lot on new inves. and we met on Saturday a couple very young 20 and 19 with a baby! the husband is named Morrquin and the wife Angeles their baby is named Ramsis just adorable! they literally have been preparing for a long time waiting for their moment to receive the gospel! we had a very interesting lesson with them about God and his being and during the lesson the Hna said asked me if they could really be a forever family and we said yes and they made a goal then to get there! it was really good i really look forward to go with them again!!!
we have been having a lot of sick people in hospitals here in the branch so a lot of giving service and helping people out i LOVE it definitely one of my favorite things to do! which included cleaning the church and it reminded me of Flagstaff with the family always going to clean the church building and Kay Albrecht being there smelling up the whole chapel with her perfume and also the last time we cleaned the Palmer chapel with the Dyers, the missionaries and the Snegirev's and singing and dancing to frozen!!! not going to lie i really enjoyed it!!!
we had the primary program yesterday in the Branch and it was beautiful!!! i LOVE the little kids and their testimonies... the spirit of them is soooo strong and so innocent! its amazing!!!!
Elder Bigelow siegue adelante. no te desanimes cuando mal esta! me encanta este himno! recuerda a enfocar en la obra del Señor se ve muy bien. cuando tus compañeros no están con animo ORA.. ORA para ellos y va a ver la diferencia. tengo esa problema ahorita pero la único que puedes hacer es hablar con todos el no puedes decir que no entonces cuando sientes que las personas son listos HABLAS!!!!!! te amo hermano! guarda la fe!!! sea feliz! hasta la próximo semana!!!
well family i love you TONS and i am so glad you are moved into the new house i cant wait to live there!!! you are the best and remember you're always in my prayers!!!!
D&C 24:8 LOVE IT!!!!!
Hna Bigelow

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