Thursday, January 15, 2015


Well today as I arose and was getting ready fast i was thinking to myself about how happy i am and i was thinking well everyone is making goals to be happy because they are not eating to get skinny and in the real life they are NOT happy they just keep complaining that they are not as skinny as they want to be.. then the thought occurred to me... I AM GOING TO BE RESURRECTED TO BE IN PERFECT FORM.... so why don't i be happy and EAT!!! bahaha no not that i am not going to do that but i really just had to laugh about it!!!!
OK now to be serious... well no tanto porque tampoco soy tan serio! well this past Monday we had a really cool family home evening with a family that has a few problems but we started from the basics and taught them the God Head and that was beautiful the spirit was so strong and we talked about growing in our relationship with God! On Tuesday we got Heat exhaustion.... that's what happens when you live in the coast of Mexico you die of heat!!! so we got home that night not feeling too good! but woke up on Wednesday doing just fine. Wednesday we had a really good lesson with a new inves. named Lidia she seems really good she is catholic and very involved at first she was very defensive but towards the end of the lesson of the plan of salvation she softened up and wants to know a lot more! i love that the spirit can speak to anyone that we testify too!!!! the Lord knows exactly how to help his children grow! and as well as Thursday we had a lesson with a new inves names Aurora she literally is amazing i am stoked to teach her more and see her progress!!! Friday we were doing service in the morning with an inves in their fruit store and a crazy woman which happens to be the owner of the place she rents kicked her out in that moment cause she wants to move back there for family problems so we helped move her store!! that was really fun and on Saturday we went and delivered collected clothes and toys to families that really need help that's so rewarding!!! and yesterday we had an awesome lesson with the youth leaders and we read Alma 47 and how satan tries to temp us to come down the mountain like Amalakiah!
Family i am so GRATEFUL to be here on the mission!!! its been the biggest blessing for me! i am so GRATEFUL for the Savior and His atonement and the gift we have to become like Him and our Father in Heaven! may we have celestial thoughts to reach our celestial home...D&C 78:5-7
Scripture...alma 47:10-14 &17-18!
Hermanito Bigelow! Estoy feliz al ver que toda vía te recuerdas de mi!! jiji todo esta bien aquí en la costa pero tengo cambios en 3 semanas y estoy triste por eso no quiero salir!!! toma tiempo a decir todo lo que puede en agradecimiento todo los dias a Dios!!! te amo MUCHISIMO! Te extraño!!!!!
Love y'all!!!
Hna Bigelow

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