Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Well family another fast week has come and gone and its crazy to think that this Thursday is 2015 as i have been reflecting this year that i have spent in the service of the Lord. It literally has been the best year and i have learned so much! there has been so many trials and so many amazing times! The short time i have left is to focus completely on the Lord and what he needs of me! to be a better example, to help as many as i can to be closer to Jesus Christ and to bring them to the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. how beautiful the gospel is!
Well this week was a blast° we had our dinner with president and we talked about traditions... not ones that we have done in the past but that we can do with our future families... not gunna lie it was weird to be talking of the future like that but it was good to see the ideas and see what it is that the Hermana Madsen did with her family before and have her bring it to us!!! i once again was asked to sing a solo and therefore i sang a solo that night and we also went to go sing in the city center which was the funnest thing ever!!! there we contacted people and helped them realize the true meaning of Christmas!!! what a blessing that is!!!

we then on Christmas woke up early read luke 2 and matteo 1&2 and shared traditions and memories from the best Christmases with the other sisters that stayed the night with us! then we went and talked with our wonderful family! how FUN!!! my little babies are growing up so fast!!well we ended Christmas with service bringing Christmas to a family that is sooo humble but SO amazing! then the rest of the week we just did a lot of service for people since it is a really hard time of year to be here in the coast of Oaxaca.. especially in Hualtulco the huge tourist place!!! but we had fun painting a house and helping people out!
Yesterday i had the opportunity to speak in church! i was given 5 minutes to talk and i about freaked out! why? who knows... i teach these people every week in their house!!!  weird! but i ended up talking 20 minutes about the Atonement the center of all we do! and about Moses and the fiery serpent! in numbers 21 and alma 33:19-20. it went well ill say! haha i really do love that story!
Well we have an inves named Adela that is really progressing very well!!! she has a baptism date for moms birthday! we shall see how that goes i am excited for her!!!!
Hermanito! TE AMO! puedo decirte gracias por tu vídeo!!! estuvo asombroso a verte allí en el vídeo! y yo fui a copiar tu idea y por navidad fui a comprarse nuevo lentes! jiji recuerda a siempre ser obediente! obediencia es tu mejor amigo! jaja espero que recibiste mi vídeo también!! y sabes que?? en dia de madre voy a verte! whoo hoo!!! bueno! te amo! ADIOS!
Well family never stop sharing the thing that brings the most joy to your lives... The Gospel! I am so grateful for this gospel and i KNOW that this church is true i am so grateful for the truth of eternal families! i am grateful for a Savior that loves me and knows me! I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father knows me better than i ever do! and that even though i for YEARS fought the fact of going on a mission that He tenderly helped me through the YEARS that i fought to guide me in way that would lead me here to Oaxaca Mexico!
Family and Friends i love y'all more than you know! thank you so much for the support you've given me!!!!
hasta la proxima semana! (until next week)
Hna Bigelow

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