Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Not gunna lie family i am sorry for not writing a lot! its just i only have 2 months left.... not that you are not important but that the work here in Oaxaca is MUCHO! and i am limited on time! well this week was a blast! we had a lot of success we were able to meet the goals that we put and we were able to show that this area has a lot of potential! 
This week we have been SUPER focused in the recent converts and how they need to start going to the temple to do temple work for their families... We had many lessons about family history work and got or converts here in interviews so that we can take them to the temple this Saturday i am SUPER excited! 
Well yesterday in church we had a surprise inves come to church and it was so COOL she learned a lot and is progressing a lot! we were able to talk in church and teach the gospel principles class about Christs church it was a good fun class! we enjoyed it a lot and were able to work along side our ward mission leader! 
I am grateful for this work, the Lord and the Love He has for me! i hope y'all have an AMAZING week!!!! be happy and keep on keepin on!!!

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