Thursday, April 24, 2014

Well this week was just a hare slow! This last week and this week are vacations for everyone because of Semana Santa (Easter) so we had really slow days!!! but it was fun watching the catholics have all their wacky traditions, being I've never seen another church's traditions! lol i have videos to send! or at least try to send them! welp, we had an earthquake! lol it was fun... it reminded me of home! because it was only tiny and we were studying it felt like i was on a boat haha it gave me a MAJOR head ache but it was fun!!!
Welp tomorrow is three months in my mission! i cant believe it haha its not that much but its baby steps only 15 months left!!! Also tomorrow is my comps birthday!! whooo hooo PARTY lol not really i wish hahaha sooo question did stephanie turn in her papers or what?? i want to know! i cant believe how many kids from our ward are leaving it is so great that Hunter has friends and they are all growing together to accomplish the same thing in many different places i love it!!!!
so the other day was just a normal day but that morning i had prayered for an extra boost haha i just felt like it would be a long day and i needed it but like right during the middle of the day it was like nothing i felt before... like an extra push like i felt all the prayers that had been offered in my behalf helping me it was amazing i definately needed it!!!!
I went to the temple on wednesday and did it ALL in spanish lol it was slow but way amazing i could definately understand it all and the feeling was amazing!!!
i have a quote that i ABSOLUTELY love that i read this week ´´if you do not magnify your callings, God will hold you responsible for those whom you might have saved had you done your duty.´´ i love this because it is so true especially in missionary work and every pĂ©rson has the calling members and missionaries a like and that is to share the gospel with everyone!!!

welp time is short!!!! my scripture is Heleman 12:2 I LOVE it! remember to ALWAYS thank God for ALL you have
WELL have an awesome week
Hermana Bigelow

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