Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh how iI miss you terribly!!!! my spelling is horrible trust me I already know!!!! this week was kinda a crazy one and not gunna lie it made me homesick!!!!!!! we started of the week with my comps 2 days of rest sunday and monday ... tuesday we went to district meeting then afterwards I was feeling super super sick.... we went to a members house for lunch but my golly I could not eat one thing I was dying so we went to a new doctor here in Tlacolula and she told me the same thing the other doctor told me but she prescribed me new meds, different ones... and then we went home cause I could hardly function, grrr... I hated going back home!!!! but in the morning I was getting worse so Sister Leyva had us come down to Oaxaca to go to the hospital. they told me the same thing and gave me the same meds as the first doctor.  I then received a blessing from president Leyva.  I took the the meds that night but I had a feeling to not to anymore!  ever since i have been 100% healed... haha it's great!!!! We also had emergency transfers my comp wasn't following rules so I was senior comp for a day and I then got a new comp!!! Hermana Mamani! she is from Bolivia. very hard working around 10 lessons a day which is a miracle compared to the 2 or 3 a day with hermana Vargas...... I am blessed! my comp does not speak ANY english which is super hard but a blessing! I believe the Lord taught me humility through my comps. I said I wanedt a comp that spoke mostly english and was easy going but I hated it... then I got my new comp and she is everything the Lord needed me to have!!!! we have one date for baptism we got this week with Anna she is 21 and amazing and she is so ready and so is her boyfriend all they need is to be married which is a big problem here blahhh! but they have a date may 3!!! 
today we played football all morning it was probably the most fun I've had here! I loved it!!!!! 
welp its time for me to go!!!!!!! my scripture this week is 1 Nephi ch 8 I absolutely love this chapter it is definitely a check of where we are in life and whats we need to do!!!!
Hermana Bigelow

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