Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Familia!!!! what a great week it was!!! Time definitely went by WAYYYYYYYYY fast... I'm kinda loving the hard work fast life, haha.  not that I want time to go by fast haha, but that I am actually accomplishing things!!! well I was sick for a couple days last week... and I have a story, it was hilarious! but it's a story I will not tell right now haha :) 
I am now a citizen here... haha not really but I got my visa last week.  I went to Oaxaca with all my peeps from the MTC; it was way good to see all of them again!!!!! then we did some shopping... well looking. I didn't bring that much money!!! I'm definitely gunna have fun shopping in central my last few months on pdays!!! I have many marvelous ideas but I need to exchange money!! I have 15 months!!! lol 
OK an amazing story!!!!.... We are teaching this kid named Javiar he is 16 yrs old and has special needs and let my tell you right now this kid is Something AMAZINGLY special!!!!! his family has been members for 5 years but he was afraid of water so he wasn't baptized. but 2 weeks ago he told us he wants to be baptized! so we have been teaching him... he is AMAZINGLY smart but he has a hard time remembering.... but the other day his mom came to us and told us because of our spirit and our calling and the help of the Lord through us Javiar understands everything!!!!!!! he can repeat the lessons back to us! he is my love forever this kid is AMAZING!!! and I am soooo blessed to have him in my life. he is my strength. I look forward to everyday I get to meet with him and so does my comp!!!! we set a date and he is getting baptized THIS saturday!!! the 12th!!! at 11am!!! my first baptism will be amazing I'm soooo excited!!!!!:) I'll send tons of pics next week!!!!
next I have been studying the Plan of Salvation this week a lot and I was reading in true to the faith under the second coming of Jesus Christ the last paragraph in this section and it hit me that the prophets have asked us to have 72 hour kits and that is a commandment in prep for something to have for this purpose alone!!!! and also in the section missionary work, we are all asked to do missionary work here in this life but also it's all in prep for the next life. that is all we will be doing in either the millenium or when we pass on ahhhhhh ...I was like woahhhhh I need to learn how now so I can be pro and learn more with the Savior!!!! haha my insight for the week!!!
also everyone said the water is bad here and that it will rot your teeth but my mission pres never said a word neither did hermana leyva so i thought it be fine..... well its not.... i have two teeth that have huge holes in the roots and hurt like crazy but today i am going to the dentist to make an appointment!!! i hope its not too much money!!!! 
oh my you guys MIRACLE with conference!!! i LOVE general conference it is probably my favorite thing in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (besides my family) and i prayed cause i knew that it would all be in spanish and i prayed soooooooo hard to be able to understand the messages cause i knew that through my faith and the help of the Lord that i would be able to understand and guess what??? i understood it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was amazing!!!! the choir director of the institute choir was my choir director in the MTC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was absolutely hilarious i love that guy!!!! lol and i just LOVED that the choir sang my FAVORITE song a child prayer i bawled!!! it reminded me of my farwell and when makenli and hunter then the rest of you guys sang it!!!!! i couldnt control myself hahahaha and i also loved how pretty much the theme was "No somos solos" which is "we are not alone" because thats been my theme for my mission thus far and i absolutely love my Savior Jesus Christ!!!! I know that we are not alone and that he suffered for every single one of us!!!! i LOVED Robert D. Hales talk about obedience!!! i think that was my absolute favorite!!!! and mom i think so too about elder packer:( sad day!!!! i also loved elder dieter f utchdorfs talked!!! i love that he said that the commandments are for us to exercise our agency and recieve all the blessings for our obedience!! I LOVE it!!! because may times we dont want to do something we are asked or we feel like we want it our way but really God knows exactly what we need and when we need it in our lifes and we need to follow that NOW!!! for the Blessings of God!!!! 
I just love this worka dn this gospel!!! i love my area and my comp and my inves!!! this has honestly been the best yet hardest time and i still have 15 months to go!!! i can not wait!!! 
my "scripture" for the week is study plan of salvation and all the other seccions that go with it in the book True to the Faith its absolutely inspiring!!! and come to have a testimony of the plan because it is one of happiness and eternal life!!!! i love it!!!! 
Thank you all for your support and Love!!!
Your one and only,
Hermana Bigelow

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