Wednesday, January 8, 2014

14 Days say what?!

Preparing to leave is such a tedious thing trying to get all that last minute things done right before I leave: packing, making enough money,extending skirts and dresses, making sure I have all the little things (i.e. sewing kit, first aid kit), running errands, going to the temple, address changes, trying to have time to spend with my friends and my family (mostly my family) before I leave, and trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I am going to MEXICO for 18 months! 
Over the past month I have gotten emotional at like every little thing! I cry driving in the car with Hunter for no reason! haha but I have come to appreciate the time I have with my younger sibling! I am so grateful for my family and the strength and stability they are to me! Little Red (Grandma Baker) has been here for almost a month! I am so grateful for all she has done for me! Without her I wouldn't have my room or bags packed! Its our running joke that she is coming to Oaxaca every transfer to come pack my bags! hehe no where in that hand book does it say GRANDMAS cant come visit!;) My parents have been nothing but patient with my irritating mood swings... crying all the time, upset about nothing, and an increase of loud laughter! I am sooo thankful for the time that they have spent on the little things for me. My dad reading Preach My Gospel with me nightly and mom listening to my random dumb stories, making sure I have all I need, and showing her love for me! I am so grateful to have parents that care so much for me and have taught me to be the person I am and giving me the greatest blessing the Gospel always in our house and making sure the spirit is always there! 
Of course my siblings are the greatest and have always been some of the greatest joys to me! Hunter, one of my best friends though we butt heads, I am lucky to have him as my younger brother! A worthy priesthood holder who has such a strong will to do what is right! Boy do I love him! Kade, Hunky Chunky Funky Monkey!!! Baha he is my laughter in life! I don't know what I would do without my broski moments! I cant wait to see how Kade grows and see his future in the church! Jeni, my closest sister we fight like none other but I am so grateful for her willingness to help with anything! She is such a blessing! Makenli, My sweetheart, I found that I have grown so much from her and what she has taught me! I love to play with her!! Dawson, my pumpkin! My little red headed step sister;) I love her so much it will be so crazy to see the changes that will come in the next 18 months! 
I am so grateful for all my family and those that have helped in one way or another with my mission whether is be financially or spiritually or emotionally! I love you all I am so thankful that this Gospel has brought me the truths of eternal families! 
Lastly I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord and the people in Oaxaca, Mexico! I know without a doubt that, that is where the Lord needs me to be this time in my life!! I am so grateful for my Savior and his example of how to be! I can not wait to be doing His will and partaking more in the Lords atonement! I love this gospel and the peace and joy it brings to me! 
Soon to be Hermana Bigelow!:)

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