Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My friend Tashah Owens and I made matching shirts since we will be serving our missions at the exact same time!!! She will be serving in the San Diego, California mission which includes the Mormon battalion!! "Sorry mister I'm a Sister!!!" We are so stoked!! Every time we get transferred our first P-Day we will wear our shirts and take a picture in a significant place or with something that tells a story! I can't wait to stay so connected! I love that girl!!! P.S. she is the blonde little girl in the pink dress and I'm the brunette girl with the purple outfit on the back of the shirts!!

Last night also was one of my many hard goodbyes this next week! Little Red (grandma) went home after being here for a MONTH!!!! I am so grateful for the help and strength she is to me!!! She helped me accomplish a lot in getting ready!!! I could not repay her enough!!! I love her tons!!!

Over and Out:)
Soon to be Hermana Bigelow!

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