Friday, January 31, 2014

I am not going to lie this week has been ridiculously crazy but ohhh how the Lord has blessed me!!! The first day totally feels like a blur! no joke its crazy!! I knew from the moment we pulled it it was surely exactly where i needed to be! I was rushed back into the room where i picked up my name tag the lady checked it and put it on me. In that moment i was holding back so many tears of mixed emotions but the spirit was so strong testifying that I was now recognized as the Lords servant acting in the Lords name! I then got my books and put on a bus to go down to wyview which is called west campus where all spanish speaking missionaries are staying i threw my things in my apartment and went to class! my teacher spoke NO english to me!! i took tests and stuff then went on to learn!
My companions at first were Hermana Mitchell and Hermana Matesen but a sister in my zone decided to go home so Hermana Matesen got switched! so now its Hermana Mitchell and i! she is from Roy! I love her to death!!!! She is the best companion and one could have asked for!!!! im blessed!!! she is also a walking spanish dictionary which is a huge blessing!!! well pretty much every day is wake up at 6:30 then break fast at 7:15 class at 7:45-11:38 then lunch... gym time til 1:50 we usually run 3 miles do ab work outs and lift weights haha then we have lesson prep comp and personal study til dinner at 4:55 after dinner we usually have a lesson!
ok i have to tell you we had our first lesson friday night!! IN SPANISH!!!!!!!! our "investagator" is our teacher that hasnt really ever taught us he will teach us tonight but for now we just know him as Victor... he is the best! I love him we have been teaching the restoration! our first two lessons we had notes but after that our last two lessons we have not! its crazy how when you are obedient and study soooooooo hard and pray and ask for help how the Lord blesses us! My spanish by no means is NOT great but by my third lesson (no notes)  i was able to understand what Victor said and I was able to speak and relay all that was needed to be said and heard! it was amazing i immediately hit my knees and thanks Heavenly Father! the language is definately a struggle but i feel/ see the Lords hand in my life every prayer i pray for the gift of tongues!!! but our lesson mon with Victor we committed him to baptism!!.... OUR THIRD LESSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its AMAZING!!!!!! the spirit was soooo strong we had read the first vision and taught on Jose smith!!!
Being here has helped my testimony grow sooooo much but its such hard work!!! Just when I start to complain or feel its too hard I pray and the Lord answers and delivers! its so amazing!!!! the spirit is soooo stong here!! Sunday was by far the best day EVER!!!! we got a new branch presidency which was sad cause my old branch pres looked and talked and acted just like bishop scoresby it was like being home!!! but our new one is HILARIOUS short little man from TEXAS his accent CRACKS me up!!! i love him! but on sunday we sisters on west campus watched music and the spoken work then we had relief society broadcast from main campus to us! the spirit was AMAZING!!! Janice Kapp Perry was the speaker.  she was truely God sent to help me when feeling low!!! We all sang with her a melody of her primary songs starting... with the one and only A Childs Pray i cryed soooooooo much it all just drained out of me! then we had lunch then went to sacrament then went to choir practice then dinner then got bused to main campus for a devotional given by Steven B. Allen on memebers and missionaries. it was truely inspired!! i feel prompted to share some of that with you.... he showed a video by Pres. Thomas S. Monson about missionaries inviting members to help with referals and how its intimidating and quite often annoying!;) but he gave us questions to ask each family and ways to teach! I want you guys to prepare a FHE lesson on it and think and pray for help because i feel it will help! Plan an FHE on the plan of salvation out of P.M.G. include all the kids then ask yourselves and the kids
who do you know who has recently:
lost a loved one
Had a child
Recently moved in
Has difficulty with a teen
Pray and act on teh promptings
i know that as you do this the Lord will bless you in having a missionary moment and success..... but i just lied that was tuesday night by James B. Martino lol my days are running together!!!
Sunday Steven B. Allen talked on teaching by the spirit!!!!  I want you to do this as well.... it brings the spirit SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.... Sing the hymn "where can i turn for peace?" as if you were reverently praying the spirit is sooo strong and the prayer is answered right there in the third verse just another testimony of Christ can help us through all through the atonement!!!
The food here is great!!! btw lol my first three days i was sick.... same way Sherri was sick... lol it was HORRIBLE.  it lasted three days tho! our apartment has two rooms a bathroom kitchen and a living room!!!
Mom i would love to get like a jacket hehe grandma dont get mad at me..... but i really need some and more garment caranessa bottoms!!! the silk ones dont work!
the weekly scripture is 2 Nephi 9! its amazing out line of how we all sin and how the atonement can help us get back to our Father. verse 45 is amazing command!
I also have been studying the last few days of Christ in John ch 13- the end of John its so amazing if you ever get the chance to study it please do! and use the footnotes in studying!
Yo se que jesucristo es nos salvador
yo se que el evangelio es vernidad
yo se que jose smith restorado la inglesia en el ultimos dias
thank you all for the love prayers and support i feel it every day!!!!
Hermana Bigelow
p.s. mom email to all the aunts and you can post these emails to the blog!!!!! as well as anyone that asks!! give Kathy C. a hug for me she has been writing to me a ton! I love that woman!!

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