Monday, January 27, 2014

So we dropped Autumn off at the MTC last Wed. January 22nd her arrival time was between 12:30 and 12:45.  We got there about 12:22 so we did a drive by... it was awful (to me) and only brought on the tears as we watched these amazing missionaries say a quick curbside goodbye and begin a new adventure!!  It was our turn and we all knew it!  Autumn was, of course, excited and ready to go! I know she was sad to say goodbye to us, Makenli and Dawson but she was ready!  We pulled in and were greeted by a man explaining the procedure and telling us Autumn was one of the  fine 500 missionaries who would be reporting today!!  AMAZING 500 young, noble ready to serve... I am amazed at their strength! I had no doubts that Autumn was one of those ready and so willing!! We saw the first sister available and we were flagged over to the curb, she greeted Autumn and was of course excited to hear Autumn was from Alaska (it has it's perks :)!  We began our last goodbyes, I as I am now, was crying like a baby! I squeezed Autumn as tight as I could and she returned the squeeze, she whispered thank you... All I could think was thank you, why are you thanking me??  You are the amazing one, you are the one so willing to take 18 months of your life and give it to the Lord, you are the daughter I always wanted, you are strong, smart, beautiful and you have brought more joy than you could ever imagine to my life and you are thanking me?? I LOVE this girl I thought and I will miss her more than words can EVER express but she is ready and with that she gave Makenli, and her Dad those same squeezes and she turned to her greeting sister and left, I was so proud!! She never looked back... as I tried to look through my tears in the side mirror as long as I could, she never looked back!! She was at her new home, the MTC, for the next 6 weeks!!  The adventure began :)
this moment was accidentally caught through my tears, I didn't even know until later looking through the pictures!!

Never look back!!  Ready to Serve!!!!

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  1. Oh my goodness....I'm bawling all over again!!! Remember when we watched Rhet's plane until we could no longer see it!! I remember how hard it was to let him go yet I knew it was the right thing. I can't tell you how grateful I was that I did "let" him go. The blessings of having a missionary serve is beyond words!! I'm sure you're already feeling it!! She's an amazing young woman!! Can't wait to hear about her new adventures! God speed Hermana Bigelow!!