Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well my wish came true!!! in interviews on Wednesday president still didn't have my changes so i told him if he wanted he could send me to El Itsmo to finish out these next 4 months... and guess where i am?!?!?!?! IXTEPEC ...EL ITSMO! i am super excited its going to be a BURNING blast ... actually i am burnt just from today!!! how lame haha maybe ill come home skinny and dark... that would be weird... it'd loose it in a month in retched Alaska!!! but that's OK i love that place!!!!
Well in my other area... we left it FULL of life 5 dates for baptism a ton of new inves and contacts and a bunch of members helping i sure hope that the hnas can figure everything out!!
Well i traveled all day yesterday and got here and we went to teach a family that was very nice also we are teaching a super awesome family.. it was awesome while we were teaching i had a feeling as if i knew them and i realized that maybe i do!!! i am super excited to work with them!!! ill take lots of pictures and send them!!!
I am just so grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me to be here and to learn so much about him and his Gospel!!!!
Well its time to go! but i love you guys soooooo much!!! have an awesome week and love those you serve and serve those you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mosiah 2:17
Hna Autumn Bigelow

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