Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Well family another month has passed and gone and i just completed 14 months in the mission... i can not believe it i am an old sister missionary! I know those of you that are elders that's not much but for sisters that's a ton! Well lets not talk about time because for those of you at home yeah its exciting but for me its bitter sweet! But all is well in Zion... those with pure hearts and clean hands!
Well family i am so sorry i haven't been able to write a ton in these past weeks its been super hectic! like none other! But now its calm and i hope its that way for the next 4 months how crazy that's a lot!
Well this area is the best!!!! its moving a long a lot! right now we had 29 lessons and with the majority with inves, over half to inves and that we didn't have much lessons 2 days so this week should be better and we have a lot of people progressing.. i hope to help a lot the people here jst finish good here! i really enjoy it!!!! its super fun my comp is a BLAST we are just a like so we are just bringing this town something they've never seen before! haha something we are starting here is mending the relationship between members and missionaries cause they sister before kinda really broke that bond... so we have been stuttering along in the area.. but the work doesn't progress without references from members or without lessons with member! you need the both to have success here in the area... so the hna and i are working together to help the member trust in us and make it all work. something i was readying this week in my notes in my scriptures that an Apostle challenged every member to give the missionaries a reference every quarter of the year! are you doing that??? if not i challenge you to prayer and look for people so that you can receive promised blessings of a greater understanding of the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. And you'll feel the joys in sharing the gospel and the light of our Savior.
We had new inves yesterday Abraham and Goset that were amazing the hna doesn't believe in God but whats something more in her life and as we left the lesson after talking about ba´ptism in the first lesson the hna Orduña and i both said we felt and could just see them sealed int eh temple THEY ARE MY MISSION!!! oh and SAD NEWS Gloria from last week... and her family moved for emergency to Chiapas:( I'm sad but all happens for a reason!!!
Also i was reading a talk in the priesthood session of general conference from October and i really loved it i don't remember what its called in English! but its by Quinten L Cook and i was just super inpressed by his bluntness i LOVE IT! that's one thing i have learned from the mission is that its better to be blunt.. but he said a quote that i LOVE and it doesn't apply to just those going on a mission it applies with whatever goal we have it says: "Young men, PLEASE recommit to worthy conduct and serious preparations to be emissaries of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." Kade that's what i want you to read this talk its sooooooo good!!! well that applies to all of us in whatever stage we are in in our live and all the goals we have... i love the question... "Will doing this make me a better person?" always remember that!!!
Well Family i love you sooooo dearly especially now that i know that my baby dawson knows who i am even tho i left when she was just 10 months old!!! Well have an amazing week do the challenge and be happy people!!!
Hna Bigelow
OHHH! his video is my FAVORITE SONG! its christian music in Spanish BUT hunter and those who want please look it up!!!! its amazing!

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